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Megan's P.O.V

     "Meg come on we need to leave! If you make me late for this concert I will frickin kill you!" Melissa called from outside the bathroom. Melissa was one of my best friend and although she's a little crazy she's always been here for me no matter what!

    "Melissa I am not wearing this! I look like a penny whore." I yelled as I looked at myself in the mirror. Melissa bought me this crazy short pencil skirt and a low cut sequined top with 4-inch high heels! I know I see people wearing outfits like that all the time, but for someone who's been wearing baggy t-shirts and sweat pants for the past year it feels clingy and uncomfortable.

    I door flew open and a very annoyed Melissa stood in the doorway. "Get your ass in that chair so I can do your make-up and hair we only have a half an hour!' Melissa looked absolutely gorgeous in her high waisted white lace short shorts and a blue sheer top and a leather jacket. I always feel so ugly next to her. Although wearing no make-up and baggy clothes doesn't exactly help.

    Twenty five minutes later I look in the mirror and see a beautiful girl. I see her hand flutter up to her face and she has a look of surprise on her face. She can't be me! She looks confident, sexy yet not skanky, and SKINNY. How can I be skinny after all of those cookies and gallons of ice cream I consumed! "Oh, Melissa... Thank you." I whisper.

    "Yeah. Yeah. I'm amazing I know. Yadah yadah yadah I've heard it all before. Now put on these and go downstairs and in the car.... Before I kill you." She says. I laugh at her comment knowing she doesn't mean it.

   "Ok ok. I'm going jeez. Chill yo self girlfriend! I know your nervous about meeting your 'five fututre husbands' but it's all going to be fine. I mean look at you. Your drop dead gorgeous! No guy could turn you down!" Before she could deny what I said I walked down the stairs. I was actually surprised I could still walk in these quite well after all this time.

   An hour later we are standing outside the stadium screaming girls surrounding us. "Melissa this is the most obnoxious deafening thing I've hear     in my life! Get me the frick of here!" I screamed over the girls.

   "Oh shut up. Stop complaining your lucky to be here. Every other girl in the country is dying to see these five gods sing!"

   "Yeah why don't you go find one and I can go back home change into my sweats and hang out wth my two boyfriends: Ben and Jerry." I say turning around.

   "Oh no you don't. Now come we need to go find out seats." She walked up to a row in the middle of the stadium and sat down right in the middle of the aisle. "Well come on sit down the shows going to start soon."

    'Not soon enough.' I think. I look at my i-phone and see the concert is going to start in a half an hour. 'Another half hour of this. Melissa's right luckiest girl on earth. Why did the concert have to be today? I don't even like these guys and now on the worst day of the year when I should be at home pigging out, I'm here. At a concert. In a skanky outfit. Listening to guys sing that I don't even like. Surrounded by screaming girls.... I'm so lucky."


Harry's P.O.V.

   "Woo hoo! Yeah boys let's get pumped! The concert starts in ten minutes! First concert of the tour. Numero uno out of twenty!" First country out of ten!" Louis shouted backstage.

    "Lou calm down we are all pumped, but we need to save our energy for the concert. Which we need to get in place for!" I said while walking towards the raising platform. This is always so nerve wracking. Hearing all the screaming girls and knowing how much hate I'll recieve if I mess up at all. After my first live performance and I messed up, I went on twitter and there was so much hate and I never want to feel that again!

    We had just finished up the first couple songs and now after this song it's 'What Makes You Beautiful' which I love because we invite a fan up and sing to her and then her and who ever she's with get to hang up with us after the concert.

   I see the spotlight on a strikingly beautiful girl in a pencil skirt and sequin top with straight brown hair and striking green eyes. She was gorgeous, but I could see by the way she was looking down and blushing she didn't know it. Well I'm going to change that.


Megan's P.O.V.

    The concert was alright and I will admit they all were very fit. Especially the curly haired one, Harry I think?

    All the sudden someone walks up beside, "Hey would you like to go up on stage and have the boys sing to you?" THe professional looking woman asked.

    "Well thank you, but I would pref-" I started to say.

    "She'd love to!" Melissa cut me off. The woman starts to drag me off to the stage.

    Ahhh crap.


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