Chapter 19

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As the light came through her windows Connie released a gentle breath before feeling a warm hand return to her back. He carefully traced it up and down as she looked over her shoulder to him. A smile came to her face instantly seeing her expression reflected back.

"Hey you-" "Hey..." Connie turned onto her side coming face to face with him as he tried to hide the smile from his lips. She noticed him failing miserably before leaning closer and kissing her gently. His kiss was unlike any other and she realised she couldn't help but feel the way she did for him. "You don't regret..." Shaking her head he lifted a hand to her cheek pushing her hair back behind her ear. "Good, neither do I."

Connie smiled as Sam leaned up beside her before moving a hand to rest the other side of her. "Something you wanted?" "Hmm let me think about that." She smirked letting her hand snake behind his neck as he pushed his lips onto hers.

His hands roamed her body pressing against her skin as she deepened the kiss. Connie trailed her hands down his chest as he parted from her lips to push them against her neck. She arched her back from the bed as he grasped for her hands pushing them down to the bed before lacing his fingers through hers.

"Sam..." She moaned his name as he continued his attack on her before letting go of one of her hands. She dropped it to the back of his neck instantly as he bit down against her collar bone. He pressed his lips against the reddened skin softly before looking up to her with a smirk.

Connie's chest heaved up and down heavily as he lifted his lips to hers again. She ran her hands through his hair as he moved a hand across her thigh, trailing it higher until it pressed beneath the short nightdress she wore.

Her phone rang from beside the bed causing them to part from each other's lips. "It's probably Greg..." Sam clenched his jaw as Connie lifted a hand to his face forcing him to look at her. Pulling him to her she claimed his lips with more force and power than she had before, a reminder that she wanted him like this.

Releasing him from the kiss she reached out for the phone from beneath him still seeing his name. "Morning-" Connie fell quiet as Sam rolled to the side laying on the bed beside her. Rolling onto her front she propped her head up on her hands. "It was a pretty quiet evening here..."

Sam watched her lying, not a single falter showing on her face. "No I've not got work today, I'll probably just spend the day in bed." He moved a hand to her cheek causing her to turn her head into his touch. "Okay, I'll speak to you later, bye..." "In bed all day are we?"

Connie moved to place her phone onto the table before shuffling back into her position from before. Leaning against Sam's chest he dropped his hands to the small of her back again. "Is it wrong that I don't feel bad about this?" He nodded looking up to her as she groaned letting her head fall to his chest. "But I guess we'll be going to hell together."

Smiling again he ran a hand through her hair as she lay against him. Releasing a deep breath she traced patterns over his chest. They lay with one another all morning with no urgency to get themselves up. With Greg at a conference and with Emma at work, neither had any interruptions today.

By lunch time Sam was traipsing out of her bedroom and downstairs to see her in the kitchen. "Oh so you decided to move?" "Well someone left me on my own." Connie smirked as his arms wound around her from behind. "Well some of us have to eat... Don't be so vile." She elbowed him in the side hearing his laughter and knowing what he was thinking.

She turned to look over her shoulder as he kissed her. Turning in his arms she moved her arms around his neck as he continued to kiss her slowly. Being with Sam was almost natural to her and she found herself craving the time with him like this.

Last night had been the first time they had been with each other in almost four years but it hadn't changed how it made her feel. Connie knew deep down what sleeping with him would do to her and now they had, she realised how dangerous the game they'd be playing was.

Sam's hands pressed to her back before lifting up her body. Connie broke from his lips with a smile as she looked to him. "So Mrs Beauchamp I hear you don't have any plans this weekend..." "Mhm, your point Mr Strachan?" He ran his hands across her shoulders and down her arms. "Guess I get you to myself-" "You need to go home because you have no clothes."

He shrugged lacing his hands through hers. "I guess you best pack yourself an over night bag then because there's no way I'm leaving here without you." She bit her lip glancing away from him before he pulled on her hands wandering backwards out of the kitchen.

Connie didn't have it in her to refuse as she followed him. "If I pack a bag will you shut up?" "If I shut up will you pack enough for the whole weekend?" Pushing her tongue into her cheek she watched the smirk grow on his face. Leaning closer she pushed her lips to his before moving to his ear. "Didn't realise I'd be needing that many clothes."

He dropped his hands to her thighs lifting her from the floor as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "I didn't say you'd need them." She laughed leaning down to kiss him again as he carried them upstairs once again. Both caught up in their time together, nothing stopping them from making the most of the little time they had.

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