💚Chapter 7💚

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(🙈Love is flying around in the air 💞 ) (sierra in mm <<dre babymama)

Dream pov- Omggg what should I wear tonight I thought to myself looking through my closet . Until I heard my phone ringing it was dre
(Phone conversation)

Dre-wassup ma

-wassup lil ugly dude

Dre-*laughing* nun I just was calling you to tell you that I gotta watch my daughter tonight cause my baby mama act like she can't never keep her not even for 1 day she claim she gotta work .

-it's okay Ariee can chill with us we can go to chucky cheese how about that ?

Dre-Yeaah Ight that'll be cool round 7:30 I'll come get you ?

-I'll come to your house and I'll park my car there thats better instead of coming all the way over here.

Dre-Ight 2 hours talk to you later beautiful.

With that said I ended the call and got back up looking for something to wear I chose some tight fitted just right Tommy Hilfiger red shorts and a navy blue Tommy Hilfiger shirt with white and red lines going horizontal across and my navy blue Tommy Hilfiger bowman shoes and layed it out on the bed then I walked in my bathroom and got undressed and hopped in my shower scrubbing my dove body wash for 15 minutes then washed off and jumped out the shower grabbing my towel and drying off wrapping it around me walking in my bedroom looking for my coco butter lotion and rubbed it all over my body and I picked out some pink lace boy shorts w/my lace bra and put on my powder smelling deodorant and got dressed then I headed back to the bathroom brushing my teeth with 3D white toothpaste then I applied my clear glossy lipgloss making my lips pop and my gold earrings & my gold Rollie watch then I looked in the mirror and saw my hair what am I gonna do to my hair I said out loud rolling my eyes i just chose to braid my hair in four cornrows in braids going straight back and layer my baby edges down with edge control and grabbed all the stuff I needed and was On my way out the door I jumped in my white Audi 7 and headed to my way to dre's house after 20 minutes I was there he don't live to far from me I parked next to this 2006 silver BMW I never seen that car before but anyways I jumped out the car and grabbed my Tommy Hilfiger Hannah diamond jacquard cross body purse and my iPhone 6s Plus and locked my car doors and knocked on dre's door and I see a lightskin thick but not thicker then me but pretty girl answer the door dressed in a red short tight fitted dress with no straps dress with a split on the side and some black red bottoms with a red big Michael koris purse she was dressed cute but she looked really mean and it look like she had a bad attitude and her hair was cute and everything it look like she was going somewhere very special she had on some sparkly red poppin lipstick and some long pointy nails and some big eyelashes that look like spiders 🕷 on her eyes but lemme stop I thought in my head. "Who tf are you " the girl said and I gave her that look like ion know who she talking too I turned around and was looking for who she was talking to she asked me am I dumb "um I'm here to see keon'dre and for your answer you should be asking your self that" I replied smiling "some hoe at the door for you dre" she yelled mean mugging me and I'm not a hoe & I can mean mug to I said to her then dre came down stairs looking so fine dressed in some Tommy Hilfiger dark blue shirt with red and white lines and some dark blue chino shorts and some Tommy Hilfiger tan brownish bowman shoes and you can tell he had his dreads re twisted and edged up and a gold Rollie just like me then dre came up and told that Light skin girl that she needs to get out I believe her name is sierra I seen ariee she ran up to me immediately hugging me smileing saying hey are you going with us to chicly cheese I missed you so much and- the lightskin girl interrupted bye baby give me hug she said rolling her eyes with a bit jealous mixed with disgusted tone in her voice Ariee said hold on mommy I'm talking to Dream right now then the light skin girl said watever bye & dre you better pay your child support or Ima beat this hoe ass she said pointing at me He was about to say something but I said I can handle her I looked at her Boo you can't be talking to me I said laughing she said but I am tho walking past me giving me a nudge in my shoulder & walking to the silver BMW driving out the driveway but I was not as childish as her I would beat this hoe ass but ariee right here and I notice Ariee had on the same thing but she had on a white skirt and her hair was in a messy ponytail dre came up and said damnn ma you looking sexy asf he said licking his nice pulp lips and he smelled so good & I bust out laughing I said watever rolling my eyes looking ariee hair all messy I asked dre why he ain't get her hair done he said nobody was available so I looked at him dumbfounded what bout her mom she just left? He said she never do nothing for her so I felt bad and I said well I'll do it i know how to do hair I twisted/braided the front then put the two ends in mini buns and slayed her edges down nicely dre was so shooked I knew how to do hair and with that we headed out to dre's black Ferrari I strapped ariee up in the backseat and I asked dre can I drive he said no he's so mean I love being the one driving I ignored him he kept talking to me calling my name and I ain't listen to him

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