Chapter 18

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It was nearing ten and Connie was still sitting in her office going through some paperwork. She checked her phone to see a message from Greg.

I hope you know I hate you for making me go on this conference. You could have at least given me some enjoyable company, I mean Oliver? Really? I can't wait to come home, I love you.

Connie smiled as she read through the text before responding quickly. Placing her phone back down on the desk she returned to the paperwork, leaning forwards with her head against her hand.

The corridors were quiet as he checked the time rubbing a hand over his face. It was beyond late and yet here he was only just finishing. He slipped his phone from his pocket searching through his contacts. He continued through the department about to call Emma as he saw the light coming from Connie's office.

His eyes dropped to his phone again before he locked it and pushed it back into his pocket. Moving past the office and into the staff room he grabbed his coat leaving the hospital.

Connie remained leant over the desk as she glanced to the time seeing almost another hour had gone by. Dropping the pen to the desk she sunk back into the chair releasing a breath.

Picking up her phone once more she realised Greg hadn't answered again and so assumed he was asleep. Scrolling through her phone she came to some messages she was sure she had deleted. A small smile came to her face as she went over the conversation she'd had with Sam a few weeks ago. It was the last time they had properly talked.

They were both really beginning to put time into their relationships and it seemed they were moving forward quicker than ever. It didn't stop the part of her that ached to be close to Sam but it made it easier to forget about the hours with him.

A knock at the door caused her to frown before he pushed the door open gently. "Sam?" The surprise was evident in her voice as he closed the door carrying the bag further into the room. Connie took a deep breath smelling the food he had suddenly realising how hungry she was.

"God that smells good-" "Thought you might appreciate this..." He placed the bag on her desk causing her to look up at him with a small smile. "Dinner?" She rolled her eyes with a small laugh taking the box from him.

Sam quickly pulled another out and walked to the sofa sinking down into it. "You going to spend all night at that desk?" Connie smiled wandering over to the sofa carrying her food. Sam glanced to her feet seeing her heels had been discarded under the table. "Yeah come on, where's the crack about the shoes?"

He shook his head acting as though he hadn't thought of it as she continued to walk towards him. "Have you shrunk since I last saw you?" Connie wandered past kicking his legs before sitting down beside him. "Ow, that was abuse in the work place-" "Oh really? And who saw?" She pulled a face as Sam smirked watching her begin to eat.

Although the room had descended into silence it was a comfortable one. Connie had turned to lean back against the arm of the sofa, her feet folded beneath her and her eyes on Sam.

"It's been a while since we did this." She looked down into her food pushing it around with her fork. "Yeah, yeah it has." Sam watched her smile fade as he leant over placing his food down on the side.

Leaning back to become comfortable he spread an arm over the back of the sofa. "How's things been with Greg?" "They've been good... I'm happy." Sam couldn't help but smile at her words as she looked up to him. "And you? Still living in the moment with Emma?" Sam nudged her gently as she mocked him. "Things have been good..."

Connie pushed her tongue into her cheek as she placed the food carton onto the floor. "But?" Sam swallowed letting his eyes fall briefly before finding hers again. "But I'm beginning to worry it's not the one." "What? I thought you loved Emma." He nodded quickly before rubbing his hands across his face.

"I do, I do love her but I'm not sure it's enough." Connie watched, feeling on edge as she closed her eyes for a moment. She pushed down her own emotions knowing that listening to them now would be like adding fuel to the fire. "You'll figure it out with her you just need to give it some time." "You say it like you've had your own doubts."

Connie didn't respond as she looked down to her hands. "Con?" She looked up to him with an arched brow. "You really need to ask that?" Sam leant closer to her until they were inches apart. "I thought I could do this, ignore you and really be happy. But when it comes to what I want at the end of the day, you're the first thing that comes to mind."

Sam watched her, lifting a hand to her cheek cautiously. Connie let her eyes meet with his as they sat closely to one another. In a frenzy of movements, Connie moved to straddle his waist as Sam's hands dropped to her hips. Their lips pushed together hungrily as they kissed each other desperately.

Connie grasped at his shoulders before moving them up to his face. Sam pressed his hands to the small of her back deepening the kiss before lifting them to tangle in her hair. Their senses consumed entirely by the other as they gave into everything they'd ignored for so long. "Connie-" She parted from his lips, her breathing heavy as he pushed her hair back from her face.

His eyes searched hers as they remained still. "I want you..." Sam wanted to be sure of her words knowing that doing this could end everything they'd been trying hard to forget. "It would change everything Connie." "I know." Her lips moved to his once again but this time all desperation had disappeared to be replaced with the emotions they each felt when they had shared this before. Parting this time, they both knew that from this point nothing was going to be the same.

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