Chapter Eight

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Day 5:

"Good morning Ms. Day."

I immediately felt the urge to open my eyes, but then I realized what he was doing here. So I faked slept, like any sane person.

"Good morning James! You caught me right before I went to work. Harper's asleep on the couch, she was so tired last night. Please, go wake her up."


"Thank you." Then my front door closed. My moms scent no longer in the room, only the stench of strong man odors.

"Harper, wake up," a gentle voice said in my ear, sending unfamiliar tingles down my spine.

I didn't budge. I'm amazing at this as I used to do it all the time as a kid to watch tv late at night. You see, since I was a bigger kid, I couldn't get carried to bed. So if I fell asleep on the couch, I could wake up and watch tv.

I was a smart kid.

A hand rested on my shoulder, and gently shook it. At this point I was going for, dead/dying.

"Harper," the same voice said, this time louder than before.

This was my cue to groan and turn around, away from the person trying to wake me up. I heard him groan as well, I peeked an eye open and almost laughed, but caught myself.

"Harper, wake up," the voice said.

A brief silence passed before he said, "Fine, scoot over."

This was new... I didn't know if I should still be asleep or do as he said. So I stayed still, trying to blend in with the couch.

I felt the couch slightly dip down and I held my breath. "We could be working right now. But no. We are, basically spooning, on a small couch!"

I couldn't help it, I laughed.

I turned around to face James who really was laying with me on the couch. He was laying with his face toward the ceiling, but when I turned around, he looked over at me.

"I knew you were awake the whole time."

I scoffed, I thought I did good. "Did not! You were totally shaking me, trying to get me to wake up. You probably thought I died for a second there."

"Right," he said sarcastically. Then he added, "Could you really not make it up the stairs?"

"Nope. It's pretty hard when your fat and your legs are burning every time you take a step. Seriously though, is this what exercising does to you? Cause I don't think I can do it anymore."

"Firstly, your not fat. Secondly, it gets better. Way better."

I stared at his blue eyes. You know when someone describes blue eyes as a bottomless ocean, full of sea life and waves, creating this picture that leaves you breathless? That was not his.

They were more like the sky, not the ocean. A lighter shade that brings happiness to a ordinary day.

"Come on, we have work to do."

I groaned as James got off the couch, showing me his work out clothes that looked a lot like yesterday's.

I looked down at my pjs. "Yeah, you might want to sit back down. I have a lot to do before we can leave."

"Like what?"

"Well, I have to take care for my dogs, change my clothes, do something with my hair, and eat something. They always say, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," I said proudly.

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