Chapter 24

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For what feels like ages, I've been drifting in and out of consciousness. Sometimes I feel, see, hear absolutely nothing. It is just blackness. It's like I'm floating through nothing. Other times, I hear voices or I feel a presence beside me; usually there is a constant pressure on my right hand. But not once have I been able to open my eyes, or move any part of my body, for that matter.

One time, the urgency in the voice near me is so prominent that it makes my ears focus in on his words. It is still not enough, however, to make me actually open my eyes.

"Why isn't she waking up?" I hear a familiar deep voice growl out. "It's been two days!"

"I know it is distressing, Alpha," someone else replies. This voice is definitely female and I recognize it as well. "But this is normal."

"Normal?" The deep voice snaps. I don't have to open my eyes to tell that the man is pissed. "The pups who get the bite are only unconscious for a night! They wake up the next morning like they just went to sleep! Why the hell isn't she doing the same?"

"Alpha, those pups are unable to shift at the age that they are marked. Their body is able to go through the transition slowly since they have over a decade before their first shift, therefore not needing to be unconscious for long. The Luna will be able to shift during the next full moon, so her body just doesn't have very much time to transition. That is why she is still unconscious. According to other packs who have dealt with this type of situation, she should wake up in a few days. A week is usually how long it takes."

There is an annoyed sigh. "You're dismissed."

"I don't mean to speak out of place, Alpha," the female voice begins. "But you need to rest. This is very unhealthy. The Luna will be fine if you leave her for just a little while."

There is a growl in response. "I will not leave her until I know that she is okay."

"As you wish, Alpha," the female replies before a door opens and then closes.

I hear the deep voice speaking again, much softer now, but I drift back into the darkness before I can make any of the words out.


It feels like it's been years since Braxton bit me. After coming in and out of the numbness more times than I can count, I'm praying that I wake up soon.

Right now, I feel that pressure on my hand, but that is it. I no longer feel any pain in my left arm, which is nice. I don't hear anything either, but then someone speaks and breaks the silence.

"Come back to me," I hear that deep male voice plead from beside me. "Brynlee... please. I can't take this much longer."

It's weird, but the words do something to me. I feel myself coming back to consciousness. Slowly... but I definitely start coming back. First, the numbness begins to fade and I can actually feel all of my limbs again. I finally realize that the pressure that has been on my hand all this time is someone holding it in their own. I can hear things too, like muffled voices and the sound of someone breathing to my right.

My eyes flutter open and I take in my surroundings. I'm in Braxton's room, still laying on the bed. The first thing I notice is that the sling is gone from around my left arm; I'm pretty happy about that, as I definitely did not want to deal with trying to do every day things with a fractured arm. Nothing else is out of place in the room except for the chair that is pulled up right next to the bed. Sitting on that chair is none other than Braxton. I realize that he is the person who has been holding my hand all this time.

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