∙Vaingloriously Flawed∙

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"They Say Anythings Possible.

You Gotta Dream Like You Never Seen

Obstacles. Chasing Obscene Profits

So We Ain't Never Stopping For Red lights.

Looking In My RearView All I See Is Niggas Headlights." 
-J.Cole ♥

One thing that you can't take away from Jolie is her pride there is nothing in the world that would stop her from getting to what she wants by any means necessary.

Although dropping out of high school is by far the one thing she won't admit to pursing.

Jolie only being 20 years old, no boyfriend and living in her step-mothers house only has one thing on her agenda.


Until Jolie's world is turned upside down..

Book and cover created by yours truly, Kira 🌹

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