Chapter 17

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The department was quiet without the annoyance that normally came from Sam when he worked. Greg knocked on the office door hearing Connie's voice calling him in.

"Greg?" "Hey, was just coming to check you weren't bored out of your brains but I didn't realise Professor Hope was in." Connie smiled as he wandered in and sat down on the sofa carefully. "Mhm, Elliot has been making sure I don't go mad with all this." She smiled briefly as she leant back in the office chair glancing to the desk.

Elliot turned to the computer as an email alert appeared telling him about a meeting next week. "Oh and your day is about to be made-" "Nooo... Please don't tell me that's a meeting?" She rolled her head to the side to see Elliot nod. "I'm afraid so." Connie groaned as Greg smirked watching her.

"You find this funny? You're the one who has to live with me being stressed and grumpy." Forcing a smile he smirked as she rose from her chair to fall down on the sofa beside Greg.

Lifting her legs she lay them across his lap while he dropped his hands to them. Elliot glanced to them with a small smile before looking to his work. Connie sighed as she leant into the sofa, Greg running a soothing hand up and down her leg. "Let me cook you dinner tonight." She frowned with a smile as she looked to him. "What's the occasion?"

He shook his head lacing his fingers through hers. "Does there have to be?" "If you're offering to cook then yes." He pretended to laugh as she smirked holding onto his hand. "I just wanted to do something for you that's all... Figured it'll be the last night with you before this conference you got me going on." "Ahh, so that's it?"

She smirked as he smiled her way. "So. Dinner?" Connie grinned before remembering all the work she was yet to get through. "I'm sorry but we've got so much to do here." Elliot looked up to the couple sitting together as Greg ran a hand across her cheek. "Why don't you get off early? Relax for a night."

Connie turned to face him bringing her legs down from Greg's lap. "Are you sure?" "Completely. Get off, go and enjoy your night Connie." Standing up from the sofa she crossed the room to where he sat. Gently wrapping her arms around his shoulders she hugged him gratefully. "Thank you..."

Elliot smiled, even if a little confused, as she returned to her desk putting her things away. Greg stood up wandering behind her. Pressing a hand to her hip she looked over her shoulder. "I'll go get my things. Meet you outside in five?" "Okay." He kissed her gently before they parted and she continued to sort her things.

"Have a nice weekend Professor Hope-" "You too. Oh and good luck with the conference next week." He nodded with a quick smile before leaving the office. Connie gathered all her things before sliding her arms into her coat. Pulling her hair from beneath it she let it fall over her shoulders.

Turning to his desk she placed her hands on her hips. "Are you sure?" Elliot smiled turning on his chair to reach for a folder. "Completely. Now leave." She smiled picking up her bag before wandering out the door. "Good bye Elliot." "Bye Connie."


Sam lay in bed with Emma on his chest, his arm around her loosely. "Well, now I'm grateful for you telling me to take the day off... Maybe you should do it more often." He smirked with a laugh pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

Emma rolled onto her front to look at Sam with a smile. "You know I've been thinking... About us and where we're at." He nodded with a smile running a hand into her hair. "And?" "Aaaaand, I thought that maybe we should think about the future a little more."

Sam smiled letting his hand rest against her cheek. "That so?" "Mmm..." Emma rolled her eyes causing Sam to laugh shrugging. "What's so funny?" "You. Any mention of a future and you go all weird on me." He leant over her with a smile shaking his head. "Do not-" "Do too!"

He leant down and kissed her deeply as she moved her hands around his neck. Breaking apart he ran a hand across her cheeks before leaning his weight back. "How about, we just agree to live in the moment. Whatever happens, happens."

Emma looked up at him, her hands still firmly around his neck. "Whatever happens, happens?" He nodded gently causing a smile to come to her lips. "I think that sounds like the perfect future." She leant up and kissed him once more before he sighed. "Ugh when did we become so-" "Happy?" "Boring!" She laughed pushing his chest before kissing him again.

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