KingBury: "Hey, i'm with you, okay? Always"

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((will probably edit and change it later, also please lemme know if there are any ships u guys wanna see or plots etc cuz I rly don't have a life and I need to write NON-STOP))

Christmas was merely a week away at Windsor Castle and the king had been allowed to attend a pre-Christmas mass at St George's Chapel on the Castle grounds.
He knew as well as everyone else it was necessary to keep up appearances and keep the rumours away and just that; rumours.
George had always enjoyed church surprisingly but recently it had been a miracle to get him out of his own room for two minutes.
However it had been his oldest, most trusted friend Samuel Seabury who convinced him  and his doctors to allow him to attend.
The government had been trying to keep George out of the public eye for the last couple of years but recently things had been particularly bad for him, his episodes of porphyria had become more often and the effects were showing on the king.

A tired look in his eyes, shaking the king held his hands together examining the building he had seen hundreds of times that he would now be stuck, no, trapped in for the next hour.
He wasn't so much as listening to Seabury who was reciting the story of Adam and Eve, more like-accepting the fact he wouldn't shut up for more than three seconds to catch his breath before rambling on like a mad man on a mission.

There were four large Christmas trees in sight, each displayed perfectly with golden decorations and crafts the children of the parish had made, 'how sweet...' thought the king.
The two largest trees stood at the back of the church near the entrance, blinding lights shining from both, each with a large star on the top.
This left two smaller trees on the alter, just as decorated and over the top- just how the king liked it.
George knew how fond Samuel was of Christmas, not only because of his religious beliefs but the fact he knew how much the decorations, smell of mulled wine and Christmas cheer seemed to liven his friend up.
'The man probably still believes in Father Christmas for christ's sake!'
He hid a smile at the sudden thought returning his attention to his most loyal subject Seabruy who often looked across to the king smiling gleefully.
'God, can you be any more obvious?'

George looked at the two guards next to him, lord they were sure having fun-you could tell from their vacant expressions which layed lazily on they're hands as they struggled to stay awake.
He knew members of the parish were eyeing him, whispering...
Samuel had simply told him to ignore it, don't encourage reason for rumours, but the king knew you'd be lying to yourself if you stated to have no clue what the rumours were suggesting.
It was all down to the kings health.

For the last couple years George had experienced run in's with a certain illness...
Not much was known about his illness, it was in no way deadly... or at least they hoped.
However due to government hating his guts- the doctors were determined to prove him insane... not Ill.
This was becoming difficult to deny as the symptoms included- severe pain in stomach, nausea and vomiting, rapid pulse, loss of movement in arms and/or legs, seizures, hallucinations, confusion, fevers and itching.
This was enough for the doctors and government to move the king to a more secluded spot to keep him out of the public eye as he 'recovered'.
George hadn't suffered an attack in a good month or so which was good progress in his and sam's books however he knew it was only a matter of time before the storm returns and the last thing he wanted was to be in the public when the lightning strikes.
Luckily many of the symptoms the king had been warned about he had not experienced but he also knew time was in no way a friend of his.
Other than his 'private' Doctor who had promised to stay quiet (something George suspected to be a lie) Samuel was the only other to know this. (Excluding his wife and children who now or days wanted nothing to do with him.)

As a result of this the king had isolated himself from the outside world and the majority of the Castle Grounds, he avoided social events or indeed anything that included or suggested socialising.
However this plan backfired dramatically as it only encouraged more rumours suggesting 'the king has gone mad!' And the thought that he should be overthrown.
Although he'd never admit it.... the king was afraid of his own subjects....

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