Chapter Four

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Stephanie's POV

I got a text message from an unknown number.

How dare you steal my precious sweetie! I hope you know what's coming to you.

Lol XD
Get rekt fam

You think this is a joke? I'll have you know when I find your house, I will kill you. I will scatter your organs around the place, and your heart will be my necklace.

lmao i highly doubt that xdddd

You really aren't that bright, aren't you?

lol ya you got that right my dude X3333333

Please stop.



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I'm dank AF

Goodbye. I'll be at your house to kill you.

K I'll see u then CX

I turned off my phone.
The plan was working perfectly.

Minutes later

My front door was knocked down.
"I'm here!" A voice said.
I grabbed my sugoi kawaii desu magical mememe wand.
"Prepare to get rekt, scum." I said.
"Instead of dating my sweetie, why don't you go date some trash?" He said, furiously swinging his axe.
"Gross, I don't want to date your brother."
Stingy was caught off guard by my amazing comeback.
But then, as I was smirking, he pinned me to the ground.
He was preparing to kill me with the axe.
I tried all I could to get away, but I was too weak.
"Goodbye, Stephanie." He said.
Suddenly, air horns appeared out of nowhere.
And a mysterious figure appeared.
It was

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