Chapter 16

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Days went by quickly, soon turning into weeks and the interactions between the two were diminishing as time went on. At first it seemed impossible for Sam to remain professional with her, keeping his distance and promise that they would make their personal lives work without the other.

Connie found it easier with having Greg in the department as she was able to keep herself distracted whenever her mind wasn't on work. She sat in her office going through the paperwork that had built up over the weekend. For the first time in weeks Connie had taken some time away from the hospital to spend with Greg.

She had enjoyed being with him outside of the hospital and not having to worry about anything else. Returning to work was a drop down to reality that she could have done without but she gradually found her swing with things again.

Greg was leaning against the wall of the corridor as Sam wandered by seeing him laughing with another nurse. Frowning to himself he moved to the reception desks shuffling through a set of patient notes. His eyes kept lifting up to see him finally wander away from the other nurse and after Connie who had just left her office.

He draped his arm around her shoulders as they spoke walking along the hall. "Come on... It's just dinner-" "With your parents. You know how I feel about all of that." He smirked wandering in front of her lacing his fingers with hers. "Please Connie, it's only dinner." She sighed dropping her head backwards before looking to him. "Fiiine."

Greg's smile widened as he leaned closer pressing a kiss to her lips. He broke apart before kissing her once more. Connie pushed against his chest as she began waking into the ward again. "Do some work Mr Douglas!" "Of course Mrs Beauchamp." He stepped backwards moving to the desk to stand beside Sam. "Things look like they're going well with you two this time."

He nodded before frowning briefly. "What's that supposed to mean?" Sam looked up to see Greg facing him waiting for an answer. He shrugged closing the file beginning to move around the other side of the desk. "Nothing." "No come on, you clearly have something to say." Sam shrugged picking up the file and started to walk away. "I was just pointing out she seemed happy. Your attention is obviously back on her."

Sam wandered away as Greg caught up with his words before setting after him. He shoved the staff room door open coming face to face with Sam. Without speaking he closed the space between them swiftly swinging his fist to meet with Sam's face.

Staff had passed the staff room having seen the pair rush inside and lingered around. Connie glanced along the corridor before wandering down there. "Everyone back to work." People scattered as she held the door open glancing inside to see them facing each other not noticing her.

Lifting a hand to his face he looked to Greg. "You got that out of your system now? Feel better?" He looked down to the floor before throwing his fist forwards again coming into contact with his face harder than last time. Sam groaned as he leant forwards placing a hand to his now bloodied nose. "Now I have."

"Greg!" Connie ran forwards stepping in between the pair. As he tried to move closer to Sam again. "Stop! What the hell is going on?" Sam looked away while Greg's face boiled with anger. "Nothing to say now?" "Not to you, I'm amazed you have focused on one thing for this long." Greg pushed forwards as Connie held a hand out to his chest. "Stop! Mr Douglas get out and go to my office! Now."

He released a heavy breath backing away beginning to flex his hand as the pain seethed through it. Connie turned her attention to Sam who turned away from her. "Hey come here-" "No I'll be fine. Con, I said I'm fine." Sam looked to her exasperated before letting her step closer. "Let me check it please."

Sam sighed moving to the bench taking a seat. Connie knelt before him as she pressed her fingers to his cheek. He winced instantly before she continued to check his nose. "It's not broken but it'll bruise and probably cause you a tonne of pain."

Standing up she moved to the sink wetting a cloth. Stepping back to him she knelt again starting to clean the blood from his face. "Con I can do this-" "Just sit still." He dropped his hands watching her as she wiped his face carefully. "Want to tell me why I walked into my partner using you as a punching bag?" "You should go and ask him, I'm sure he'll tell you everything."

Taking the cloth from her she stood up wandering to the door glancing back at him once more. Running a hand back through her hair she was unsure what she'd be walking into with Greg.

As soon as she pushed the door open he looked to her raising his voice. "Why didn't you tell me it was him?" "What?" Connie froze panicked at what he was referring to. "That told you about the affair. Why didn't you tell me he told you-" "Is this what this is all about!?" Connie dropped her hands and turned to the door.

Pushing her tongue into her cheek she remained facing away from him. "I can't believe this-" "He had no right to tell you!" She spun around glaring at him. "He had no right to tell me? How about me having a right to know you were sleeping with someone else!?" Greg ran a hand across his forehead shaking his head. "That's not what I meant-" "Well that's how it sounded."

He moved closer and took her hands pulling her to the sofa. Connie reluctantly sat beside him as he held her hand. She dropped her eye to his, looking to his split knuckles. "This looks painful-" "It's fine." Rolling her eyes she looked to him again. "Why'd you do it?" "He couldn't resist making a comment about us. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have reacted like that. I just, I couldn't listen to it."

Connie stood up moving to her desk and picking up the phone. "I'm booking you into x-ray. You need to check there's nothing broken-" "Connie-" "You're going." He groaned getting up and moving to the door. She waited a moment before storming out of the office and along to the staff room.

Sam's head snapped up seeing her as she faced him. "You couldn't resist could you? Had to keep pushing-" "He was flirting with another nurse Con, I'm sorry that I couldn't stay quiet." "You could have come to me, not wound him up." Sam scoffed as he shut his locker door. "Because telling you seems to do so much, you just fall into bed with him again and treat me like crap."

Connie lifted a hand slapping him across his already bruised cheek. She pulled her hand back instantly, the shock across her face as he moved his jaw. "Sam-" He watched her before stepping forwards and kissing her fiercely. His hands pressed to her cheeks as she wrapped her arms around his neck responding to him.

For a moment she forgot the world around her. He caresses her cheeks as she kissed him, more carefully than before. Parting from his lips she kept her forehead against his before shaking her head. "I shouldn't have-" "Don't apologise..." Stepping back from her she watched him worried about what he would say. "I deserved the slap, from both you and him."

Her eyes met his for a second toying with whether or not to mention the kiss. She knew he was avoiding it for a reason, probably her, but she couldn't tell if she was grateful for that or not. Instead, she nodded simply as Sam pulled on his coat. "My shift is almost over, don't suppose you mind me getting away early it's just my head is kind of hurting a little."

A small smirk crossed her face before she nodded. "Of course..." He smiled before moving past her and reaching the door. "Sam? I really am sorry." He gave a small smile before continuing out of the room while Connie moved back to her office.

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