Part five: I just need you

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Y/N: There's gonna be a lot of different povs! Just a heads up so you all don't get confused :>
I also hope I don't make a lot of you cry again xD but I love it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) yes cry!! Mwahaha!

Osomatsu and I arrived at his parent's house. It had been two years since we've gotten married and about a year since we came to visit the Matsuno family.
"Osomatsu, (Y/N)! It's great to see you all here again. I honestly didn't think you'd come." Matsyo said giving us a tight hug.
"I haven't seen my little brother in a while and I missed him. I'm sure Choromatsu will be glad to see us!"
"I sure hope so."
It'd been about three years since we've seen Choromatsu. After he went to a America, he hasn't came back. Even for vacation or anything. I told Osomatsu it was a bad idea but he insisted. It's been two years, I'm sure he's over you completely.
"Buraza! Siizta!" Karamatsu yelled and hugged us both.
Soon after everyone joined and hug us.
"Now we just have to wait until Choromatsu gets here." Totty said.
"I'm going for a walk." I said walking to the door.
"Are you okay?" Osomatsu asked, "Let me come with you."
"No I'm fine. I just need fresh air."
"Are you sure you want to be alone (Y/N)?"
"Yeah. I won't take long and I'll just go around the block."
"Alright, if you need anything just call me."
I walked out the door and headed to one of my favorite place ever, Chibita's.
"(Y/N)! It's been a long time since you came here. How are you and Osomatsu?"
"We're doing great! Ever since the wedding, our days are just better and better"
"Isn't that great, idjit! What would you like?"
"Two orders of oden and some water please."
"Is Osomatsu coming?"
"N-No. I'm actually very hungry so I'll take two orders!"
"How about make that three?"
I turned around and saw a familiar face, "Ch-Choromatsu!"
"Long time no see (Y/N)."
He sat down beside me and I instantly hugged him, "What are you doing here, you should of arrived at your house first."
"I wanted to stop by here first. To see Chibita. I didn't expect to see you here, why are you here?"
"Here's your food and your bottle of water." Chibita said as he placed my stuff down.
"Thank you, Chibita!" I turned to Choromatsu, "I needed some fresh air, for some reason I was getting really dizzy."
Choromatsu placed a bottle next to mine and gave me a serious look, Did you get in a fight with...Osomatsu?"
"No. Not at all, like I said I just got dizzy all of a sudden."
"How is he treating you?" He said with his voice a little lower.
"He's treating me right. We don't really argue as much, just small stupid fight-."
"Has he made you cry?"
We both stared at each other, my heart beating faster and faster but not because I had feelings, no. Because I was scared, I knew he wasn't over me...Damn it.
"You know I'm a crybaby, so don't worry-"
"He doesn't deserve you..."
"I'll be over here. I'll let you two talk." Chibita said and walked off for a bit.
He slammed his hand on the bar, "Osomatsu doesn't deserve you!"
I stood still and quickly grabbed a bottle and drank something.
"Choromatsu please..."
"(Y/N) you belong with me! I could treat you better and give you much more than he can! Come with me! We could go to America together!"
"Choromatsu I'm married to your brother. I couldn't-"
"Let's leave everything behind. Forget about Osomatsu and everyone. Please (Y/N)! I love you and only you!!"
I quickly got up and backed up, "I'm sorry Choromatsu. I'm happy with Osomatsu. I-I."
I fell back but before I could hit the floor I felt someone grab me. Everything was blurry and the sounds were hard to comprehend. I slowly blinked and saw....

Osomatsu Pov:

I quickly grabbed (Y/N), "What the hell Choromatsu?! What did you do to her?!
"I didn't do anything! We were just talking-"
I picked (Y/N) bridal style , "You wanted to take my wife away from me, didn't you? What the hell is wrong with you?!"
Choromatsu stood there not saying a word.
"I'm taking her to a hospital. You go home, everyone's waiting for you."
"O-Osomatsu wait! I-I'm sorry..."

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