Part four: But I dont want anything [Lemon]

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A/N: I added a part where he wears a condom because everyone questions hentai logic xD Mama Aline here tells you kids don't have sex because you will die. Masturbate to fictional character instead. (UwU)👌

I woke up and saw Osomatsu by my side snoring really loud, "Wow you sure make a lot of sound."
I ran my hand through his hair and kissed his forehead, "I'm so glad I chose you. You are the most amazing man in the world."
He smile and opened his eyes, "And you are the most amazing woman in the world."
I almost fell off the bed when Osomatsu grabbed my arms and pulled me close to him, making me sit on his lap, "Did you actually think I was asleep?"
"Y-Yeah. I did."
He moved my hair out of the way and kissed my neck, "You wish I'd snore like that."
He placed his hand on my thigh and began rubbing it, "Do you always wear sexy clothes like this to bed~?"
I had on a short (F/C) night dress that was a little see through and had a big bow on the chest.
"T-This isn't sexy!"
He pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me, "I-it's even more than sexy! Ever since I saw you putting it on last night it's turn me on!"
I looked down and turn bright red, "E-Eh! B-But this is usually what I wear t-to be-"
He leaned in and kissed my neck making me flinch and softly gasp.
"(Y-Y/N) I'm trying my best to hold it in, b-but I can't. I want you! I want to show you how much I love you."
I placed my hands on his cheeks and stared into his dark orbs, "Don't hold back. Show me how much you love me, Matsuno Osomatsu."
He got off of me and took off his tank top and pants. He remained his boxers for a while, looking down. I'm guessing because he was embarrassed. This was the first time a girl was seeing him naked and I'm sure since I was his fiancé, it made him a little more nervous.
I sat up and took off my dress in the most innocent way, making him start panting and almost lose his shit.
"S-Stop staring like that. It's embarrassing." I said covering myself.
"S-Sorry, you're just so beautiful..."
He got back up on the bed and pushed me down gently, beginning to kiss down my neck.
"(Y/N)~ I love you so much."
"I love you too~"
He kissed my stomach and grabbed my waist, getting ready to take my panties off, "Are you ready?"
I nodded as he took them off. I was a little embarrassed because he kept staring, "I-Is something wrong?"
He spread my legs making me blush, "It's even better in person~ I finally get to see a-"
"Stop saying embarrassing things!"
Osomatsu laughed, "I'm sorry. I'm just so use to seeing these in magazines. But this one, this one is mine!!"
"S-Stop saying that!"
He got his face close to my wet center, "I'm going to claim this~ it'll be mine and only mine~"
I closed my legs and squeezed his cheeks with my thighs, "Stop! You're so embarrassing!"
He gave me his toothy grin, "I want to embarrass you. You look adorable when you're bright red."
He kissed my pussy and began fingering me gently.
"A-Ahh~ O-Osomatsu~"
"D-Damn, you sound so adorable moaning my name~ I wonder how you'll sound when I'm actually in you~"
He reached for the cabinet beside the bed and got a condom. He took off his boxers and his dick sprung up, making me blush intensely red. He was pretty large, around six inches and a half inches.
"Don't worry babe, I'll be gentle. I promise~"
He put on the condom and spread my legs, getting ready to insert himself in me.
"You ready babe?"
I felt him rub his dick at my entrance, his head going inside slowly until he was completely in. He placed his hand on my hand, holding it and kissed my forehead, "Are you okay, babe?"
"Y-Yeah, you can keep going."
He began thrusting slowly making me whimper and moan.
"You sound so adorable (Y/N), moan my name~"
I stared into his eyes, "O-Osomatsu~"
I felt love with every thrust he gave, showing exactly how much he loved me. I knew he wanted to go rough and fast, but first he wanted to prove that he didn't just want me for sex. Osomatsu really loved me and was glad to be with me.
I felt goosebumps as he filled my chest with kisses and hickeys. Feeling his cold tender lips on my warm soft skin.
"H-Have I ever told you how beautiful you are, (Y/N)?" Osomatsu said as he thrusted a little faster.
"You're so damn adorable right now, moaning over and over. I love you so damn much."
"I-I love you too~!"
He placed his hand on my cheek and tighten his grip on my hand that he was holding and began thrusting even faster and a bit harder. His hips moving in a certain rhythm.
Tears formed in my eyes as I felt butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't believe this was happening, making love with the love of my life. The man of my dreams, touching and feeling every single part of his body.
I felt the heat rising as he got closer to my face, still thrusting in the same pace, breathing heavily.
"You f-feel so damn good (Y/N)~!"
I gave him the sweetest smile I could possible give, "Y-You can go at whatever pace you want n-now~ you've proven me how much you love me~"
"Let's try a different position then." He said as he slowed down.
He pulled out and sat beside me, "Sit down but don't face me."
I did as he said and closed my eyes when I felt him wrap his arms around me, "I know you're probably tired of me saying this, but damn it I love you so fucking much."
I giggled, "I love you so damn much too, Osomatsu."
He lifted my butt up and inserted his dick inside me again, it sure felt a lot different, but for sure it was in deeper than before.
"A-Aaah~ it feels so good~!"
He began thrusting upwards, making me grab on to his thighs as he played with my breasts. I looked back at him and he forced a kiss, making this more intense.
"A-Are you loving this (Y/N)~?"
"Y-Yes~!! So very much!!!"
He grabbed my thighs and made me go faster, making me scream of pleasure, "I-I feel like I-I'm going to come~! K-Keep going~!"
He bit my neck gently and began going faster and faster, making me scream his name over and over like crazy.
"(y-y/n)~! H-Hgnnn-"
I felt him biting my shoulder and I feeling my orgasm coming. He pulled out and I squirted, feeling embarrassed that it got on the sheets.
"O-Osomatsu~" I said in such a relived tone.
He kissed my neck, "Could you return the favor, babe?"
I moved out the way and Osomatsu took off the condom throwing it to the side. I grabbed his shaft and began jerking him rapidly, "Like that, darling~?"
He petted my head, "Y-Yeah~"
I went down to his shaft and licked upwards.
He gave me a grin, "You're really good at this, you've been practicing with something, haven't you?"
I chuckled and began sucking on his head and jerking him at the same time. Making him moan and pant.
"(Y/N)~! H-Hgnnn~!"
I placed my hands on his thighs and began bobbing my head.
He pushed my head towards him and made me go deeper.
I looked up at him as I kept going, "G-God you're so cute, (Y/N)~! I-If you keep going I-I'm going to-"
I went in deeper, making his dick rub against my throat for a while.
"H-Haa~! I-It's coming!" He yelled as he pulled his head back.
I pulled back and he came, getting it all over my face and on his thighs. I drew my face close to his thighs and licked the come off, making him quiver.
"Y-You're going to make me explode again if you k-keep doing that."
I giggled and cleaned his come off my face, licking it all.
"You're so tasty, Osomatsu~"
His face turned bright red, "Y-You were really tasty too. I want to e-eat you out again."
I giggled and laid down beside him, him pulling me close, "(y/n), I love you so very much."
I kissed his cheek, "I love you more."
"I love you even more!"
We continue arguing about who loved who more until we eventually fell asleep, not caring about anything else but each other.

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