The Founder

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(warnings: swearing, sleep talking, covering up hickeys, Watching Aladdin on Broadway recording cause you cheat, cannibalism??, killer POV, detailed torture, aaaaa Lafayette telling Alexander about how much he is suspicious, MYSTERY FOUNDING FATHER???)
(Y/n POV)
I can say for a fact Bf/n left me breathless. I woke up in bed with my t-shirt and shorts on, having reclothed after quite the experience. Bf/n left early in the morning for work, but I laid there in bed, curled under blankets with a happy smile on my sleeping face.
I went back to sleep with my blanket hiding the little hickeys all over neck from Bf/n.
(Jodie POV)
I woke up and tip-toed into Y/n's room to grab a new pair of clothes so I could shower. I slowly creaked open the door and padded silently over to my suitcase. I guess I was living out of it. Jefferson had been awake for about ten minutes and I had figured out how to work the coffee machine so he lazily sipped a cup in front of the window.
Y/n mumbled something in her sleep, a smile on her face. She was holding the blankets up to her chin, something very unlike her to do.
"Sleep in, sis. Work isn't until ten, anyway." I muttered to her, even though she wasn't conscious.
"Okay..." she mumbled incoherently.
I covered my mouth at how sleepy she sounded. I smirked.
"Hey, sis, when do you have to be at work?" I asked.
"Who is the hottest one of the guys staying here?"
"Lafayette is hot, Jefferson, Alexander, Mulligan, Burr and Laurens too. I'm surrounded by hot people."
I held back laughter.
"What's the wifi password?"
"420blazeit. F/n bought the wifi."
I rolled me eyes and walked out, closing the door behind me.
Jefferson was smirking.
"What's with that devious smile, T-Jeffs?" I raised an eyebrow.
"Y/n thinks I'm hot." He cooed.
I shoved his shoulder. "Well, she's in a relationship. Don't get any ideas..."
"Yeah, yeah." He scoffed while taking a long sip of his coffee.
I muttered something about Sally Hemings under my breath and he looked back at me. "What was that?"
"Nothing important..." I coughed, "Yourenotagoodperson." Cough.
I left him confused from how fast I spoke.
(Unknown POV)
It was that time of the week again. Murder, oh joyous murder! Today's victim, the one that left me with four until Y/n, was a young man who looked rather strong. Well he wasn't after I drugged him and hung him up on his wall. I posed as the usual utility man he had called about his hot water tank. I opened my bag full of the various sharpened knives, rope and tweezers, along with various other tools of torment. I took note of him as he woke up. His notepad on the counter was my main focus as I scribbled down, "5 more."
I love soundproof more ways than one.
His eyes darted around fearfully.
"Hey, what do you want... money? Take all I got, just leave me alone, please!" He shuddered as I picked up a knife and dragged the smooth side of the cold metal across his neck.
"Oh, sweet, sweet, naive little man..." I whispered, smirking and raising my eyebrows and I sliced his skin. He winced and hissed in pain as blood began soaking his shirt.
"I don't want money. You can offer me so much more than money." I rubbed my finger over the blood and licked it clean. Delicious.
He cringed. "Oh god... you're that Midtown Cannibal guy! Oh fuck! Please don't kill me, I have a brother to take care of!"
I ignored his pleas and dragged the blade sharply across his lower stomach. I sliced through tendons that allowed him to use his legs. He wailed in agony and clenched his fists as his legs went limp. "See? Now you can't feel anything below the waist!"
He trembled, "You're a sick freak!"
"I get that a lot." I coed with a playful smile."Now. What limb to filet first... I think I'll go for that bicep, you work out I can tell. It's been quite a while since I've had muscle."
This went on for about half an hour until he passed out from the pain and blood-loss. He'd be dead soon. I had taken a large amount of his flesh. I dropped it into the large bag, wrapped carefully and skillfully. I took off the clothes I had, which were covered in blood. I took this man's dress shirt from his closet. Lucky me, he was my size.
Now to make my leave.
I went back and dropped my flesh off to the three little demons I call henchmen. Ron, Caleb and Evan. They took their fair share.
"He was a piece of work. I expected him to tough it out, but he was just as whiney as the others." I weighed a bag in my hand.
I was always clean about making sure I didn't get caught. No finger prints, no foot prints, no detail left undone.
Ron chuckled. "No offense, but having a knife cutting away at your skin is painful. I should know." He pointed to his messed up face.
"I just want to see someone tough it out."
Hopefully Y/n will...
(Y/n POV)
I got home from work, took a shower, and ordered pizza. Alexander fucking dropped his slice on his face, mouth agape. This caused Jefferson to laugh, which made Lafayette wheeze, and soon everyone laughed at Hamilton's error. He peeled off the cheese and rubbed the sauce off his tan skin with a scowl on his face.
Burr was being distant as usual, calming laughing softly while Jodie convinced us to watch her favorite Disney Broadway show: Aladdin.
Every so often there would be a question in French from Lafayette. F/n would clap every time the Genie made a forth-wall joke.
Alexander quietly commented to me how he felt so related to Aladdin because he was just trying to impress his mother, and make her proud of her boy. Poor guy, lost his mom at twelve.
Just act one closed up, I heard a slipping sound from the guest bathroom, followed by a loud grunt of pain and a series of coughs.
Jefferson's eyes widened. "I know that cough."
"I'm sorry, you know a cough!?" Jodie questioned fearfully.
I grabbed the pistol and made my way to the bathroom.
Jefferson followed me, Hamilton and Burr in tow.
I peaked into the room and turned on the light. I gasped.
Jefferson smiled widely. "If it isn't my friend, James Maddison!"
"Wait, James Madison!?" Burr ran up next to him. "Oh my god.."
"Another?! Oh my god, I'm gonna lose my fucking mind." I clenched my teeth.
James Madison looked weaker than in any of his painted portraits. He looked like Mulligan, but scrawnier and a little paler. He wore pajamas of his time too.
"Thomas, Aaron Burr...? Hamilton?"
I heard Laurens exclaim how he hated being the first one dead because he always had to learn everyone's names.
Lafayette rolled his eyes, muttering in French.
Mulligan was simply awestruck about how alike they looked.
"Thomas, why are you dressed like that?" Madison asked his friend.
"It's a long story, my friend..." Jefferson responded, F/n helping him get Madison out of the tub and into the living room
I prepared a place for James near Thomas. I had bought an extra cot that was on sale. He laid down and stared out at the lit streets of Manhattan so much like how everyone else had weeks ago.
Jefferson told me he had had a dream about talking to Madison a few nights prior.
Well... I guess it's welcome to the father of the constitution.
I can't get a break.
I went to bed, face in pillow because I was so done.
(Alexander POV)
I stayed up very late into the night as usual for myself. I wrote about tuff I heard on the news. It wasn't long until I realized Lafayette had also been awake the whole time.
I whispered over. "Marquis? Are you alright?"
"Quoi? Oh, my apologies... I'm thinking about something..."
"Like what?" I tilted my head to the side as Laurens stirred beside me.
"I don't like Y/n's courter... She was hiding marks on her neck... But that's not why I feel odd around him. He just has this demeanor like one I have never seen. Very nice and good looking man, but he just illuminates with a weird evil to me..." He muttered tiredly .
"Yeah, I've kinda felt it too... He always smells like...blood? Like iron at least." I chuckled. I shook my head. "Just try and get some sleep..." I closed my notebook and slid the pencil into the rings on the side, placing it in the dresser and shutting off the lamp. The room was pitch black.
Lafayette yawned and nodded. "Alright..."
I laid on my side, thinking as usual. Thinking keeps me up for hours.
Lafayette might have a reason to be afraid.

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