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10:30 A.M

''So what you telling me some more of my people dead?''I asked my right hand man Carlos. A lot of shit has been going down since I took Ace's shorty, but you would think niggas would try to be civil especially since the ball was in my court.

''Man yeah I'm tellin you Ace and T out there disrespecting you. We might as well do something to his shorty to teach him a lesson.'' Carlos said shaking his head.

''Don't even worry about that I already got that handled trust me.'' I said thinking about some shit already.

Carlos nodded.''What you got in mind? You know I'm down niggas gotta get there's especially T.''Carlos said.

''Like I said nigga don't worry about that just know I got it and they gone get there's better yet how bout you get them niggas on the phone ASAP. I'll be back.'' I said getting up from my office seat and heading to Alexis's room. As I unlocked her door I seen her sitting up in the bed looking down at something, but once she seen me her eyes shifted to me.

''What's up?''I said sitting on the end of the bed while she said nothing. It made me mad when she did that shit the nice thing to do would be to reply. I was always mad nice to shorty when I could easily do her dirty. It wasn't hard to speak when spoken too.

''I said What's up.'' I said raising my voice a little bit. I was tired of hearing my people was being killed even though I kind of expected that shit would happen. Everybody can't live.

''Nothing.''She said with an attitude while I shook my head. She always had a damn attitude.

''You hungry?'' I asked while she ignored my question.''Can I call Ace?''She said.

I smacked my lips. ''That ain't what I asked you I asked was you hungry, but since you brought him up I should be talking to him real soon. I'm not liking what I'm hearing about him and T they out here wildn.'' I said

''Well whatever you want I'm sure they can give it to you. What is it money?''She asked. I couldn't help but to laugh at that shit.

I shook my head.''I got enough of that besides what I want they can't give me I can have it myself.'' I said looking at her while she looked uncomfortable.

''You want me? Why?''She said trynna avoid eye contact.

''Why not? I think you want me too.'' I said with a smirk.

I enjoyed making Alexis feel uncomfortable. I knew my presence threw her off and everything about me could read her. I made her nervous in every way it was sexy to me. She didn't know what to expect from me which I loved I figured I could have her if I wanted to because I'm just that nigga, but a part of me didn't wanna hurt her either. She probably thought she had me wrapped around her fingers, but she only got away with shit that I let her get away with don't get it twisted I run this shit and I always will.

''Well you thought wrong I have a boyfriend that I love and miss, but because of you I'm not with him.''She said rubbing her hands together.

I started to laugh because I knew she was lying. Just because she had a nigga didn't mean she didn't find me attractive. I could have Alexis right here right now if I wanted to, but I'm not the taken type I get way too much play for that, but like I said I knew she wanted me I could see it in her eyes. I was probably making her wet right now.

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