Chapter 15

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Sam woke with a startle as he began to hear noise from the road outside. Sitting forwards he glanced around the room with tired eyes before remembering how last night ended. Patting the bed feeling the cold surrounding him instantly from the loss of contact.

His eyes moved to the side where the clothes she had worn last night sat folded up neatly. Groaning he dropped back to the bed pulling the duvet up over his head. He wasn't sure what they would have said to one another waking up together after she stayed last night, but it would be better than waking to find her gone.

Connie strolled through the corridor running a hand back through her hair. She had rushed home to change before setting off for the hospital. "Connie-" "Greg. What are you doing here?" The shock evident on her face as she looked to him trying to remove the look of guilt she was sure was showing on her face. "My mother cancelled, I tried calling and came over but you weren't home."

She stuttered lifting a hand to her forehead. "Uh- Yeah, I lost track of time here after getting caught up with work. Sorry." He smiled shaking his head as he watched the nervous look on her face. "It's no problem... Is everything okay Connie?" "Hmm? Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't it be?"

Her mind was racing as she thought to where she had spent the last 8 hours and with who. She hated herself for putting herself in the position of even needing to lie about her whereabouts, but the biggest part of her was screaming at her for not letting things go further with Sam last night. He had comforted her and allowed her to rest as she had needed, yet all she could think about is how it would have felt to cross the line they spent so much time dancing on lately.

Greg shook his head as she stepped forwards leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. He was taken aback before pressing a hand to her back as she parted from him. He smiled warmly as she kept her hand to his chest. "So are you working?" "Elliot asked if I'd help with a surgery later."

She turned around beginning to walk towards the office with him falling into step beside her. "Might as well if things got called off. So when's she next coming?" "She's going to call later, sort something out. Are you sure you're okay?" Connie pushed the office door open as Greg followed her inside.

Moving to her desk she placed down her bag nodding, glancing over her shoulder. Turning around properly he let go of the door so that it closed as she wandered towards him. Slipping her arms around his waist she rest her head to his chest while he hugged her. "Everything is fine-" "You're sure?" "I promise." She nodded as he smiled down before leaning towards her and kissing her gently.

Connie leaned into the kiss, deepening it as she moaned against his lips. Greg pushed his hands up her back and into her hair as he held her to him. Moving backwards towards the office door he dropped a hand back to the lock on the door twisting it. Connie thought about her colleague needing to come into the office. "Elliot-" "Not in until theatre."

He covered her lips again as he pressed his hand to her thigh causing her skin to burn beneath his. Connie's hand grasped at his neck as he let his hands move to the front of her blouse unbuttoning it quickly. His hands skimmed over her chest before pushing around her waist. Connie's breath caught in her throat as his hands pressed to her skin.

Greg pushed the blouse from her shoulders letting it fall to the floor as she moved her hands to his shirt desperately pulling it up, parting from his lips to lift it over his head. Throwing it to the floor their lips crashed together once again as the desperation overtook them.

Connie felt Greg's hands drop to her waist as he pulled her across the room towards her desk. Her hands pushed out backwards as she felt her legs hitting the table. His hands lifted to her cheeks as he deepened the kiss feeling her lift her leg, her knee pressing against him. He dropped a hand to press against her thigh as he pushed her skirt further up her leg.

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