Translation of Garway accounts, Jan-Sept 1308

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[Wool] And for £ 23 6s. 8d. received for 3 and a half sacks of wool sold there. 

[Beans] And for 21s. 6d. received from 5 quarters 3 bushels of beans from the issue of the grange [the grain stored in the barn], sold as is contained there. 

[Dairy] And for 2s. received from 12 cheeses from the produce of the dairy, sold on account. 

[Calves] And for 6s. received for 3 calves similarly sold on account. 

[Household items] And for 13s received for 4 tapets,[note 8] 1 pair of caskets, 1 basin, 1 laver, 1 bench-cover, which belonged to the said brothers, found there, sold on account.

Memorandum: that the said Walter at the arrest of the said brothers in the Manor of Garway received through a certain indenture which he delivered to the Treasury a palfrey horse which belonged to Brother Philip de Meux, commander there, price 8 marks,[note 9] with which [value] he should have been charged, but he is not charged with it here because the said horse within a month after the arrest of the said brothers unfortunately died from a fracture of the tibia of the same in the stable, as he says. 

Total received £ 87 15s. 2d. halfpenny.


The same accounts for rent paid to John le Rous & Robert le Petit for the lands and tenements that the said brothers hold from the same in Llanrothel & Harewood for the terms of the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary and St Michael: 12s. 2d., as is contained in the Rolls of details which the said W delivered in the Treasury and the extents done thence through the King's writ and returned to the Exchequer. And in deduction of certain annual rent 5s. 10d. formerly owed and paid to the said brothers in each year for certain lands and tenements which were held from the same in Kempewe and Staunton[note 10] in the county of Gloucester and also of certain other annual render of tithe paid to the same brothers each year as is said before, accustomed and owed for certain tenements within the liberty of the Earl Marshal of Striguil, as appears in the aforesaid extent: withheld and subtracted 15s. 10d., as is contained there. 

And in iron and steel for the plough with forging of the same & for fitting iron-hoops on the wagon- and cart-wheels, clouting with fencing, tallow and grease, hemp rope, 'cor' sell' [note 11] & various other small necessary items of this type bought for the same, together with horseshoes for the carthorses and affers [draught animals] through the whole said period of account: 64s. 9d., as is contained there. 

And for milk for the lambs, various medicines for the sheep, earthenware pots,[note 12] linen cloth, salt and presses for cheese, and candles bought for the dairy, cattleshed & sheepfold: 30s. 6d., as is contained there. 

And for salt bought for the farm labourers, sacks, sieves for sowing seed [?meaning unclear] and other small items necessary for cultivation of the said Manor & for 1 quarter 5 bushels of peas bought for making 'mixture' [maslin] with other grain for giving to the farm labourers within the said period: 14s. 7d. halfpenny, as is contained there. 

And for 91 quarters 5 bushels and half of wheat, 20 quarters of peas, & 122 quarters of oats threshed and winnowed: 35s. 7d. halfpenny, as is contained there.  

And for various expenses made in the said Manor within the aforesaid period, both regarding the operation of various houses in the aforesaid Manor and other places adjacent to it & the repair of walls; and regarding the repair and improvement of the said watermill of Redekyr, crushed and broken as is said above, flooding the pool of the same and for a millstone bought for the same Mill: 51s. 9d., as is contained there. 

And for mowing [number missing] acres of meadow, spreading out and lifting the hay & sowing, hoeing, reaping, binding, collecting for carrying and stacking 45 acres with wheat and various other grains there, besides the said Manor's carting aid: £ 17 3s. 4d. halfpenny, as is contained there. 

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