Translation of Garway accounts, Jan-Sept 1308

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The Knights Templar estates in Herefordshire: 1308-13 (E358 18) 

Translation of the accounts for Garway, Herefordshire, Jan-Sept 1308 

From the National Archives for the UK (Kew), Exchequer records: E 358/18 roll 2. [Translator's comments in square brackets] 

These draft transcriptions and this translation are copyright (c) Helen J. Nicholson, and should not be reproduced or distributed without the permission of the copyright holder. 

As this translation is a draft, it contains errors and words which have not yet been translated. The transcriber would be grateful for comments from readers.

TNA: PRO E 358/18, rot. 2 

In the First Year 

Account of Walter of Haklute, sheriff of Hereford, of the revenues from the manors of Garway and Upleadon with their members [branches] in the said County of Hereford, which belong to the Master and Brothers of the Knighthood of the Temple in England, and which the King from certain causes had taken into his hand: from the 10th day of January in the first year of the reign of King Edward son of King Edward - on which day through the King's writ the said manors were seized together with all goods and chattels then found in the same - up to the feast of St Michael next following.

[Rents of Assise] The same Walter renders account for £332 3s. 4d. received from rents of assise and works, both of the villeins & from various free tenants from the Manors of Garway & in the adjacent hamlets of the same Manor, viz.: Harewood, [note 1] Saint Wolston,[note 2] Llanrothel, Canros [note 3] & in Hereford,[note 4] at the terms of the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary [25 March] and of Michaelmas [29 Sept.], just as is contained in the Roll of details which the same W. delivered to the Treasury and in the extents made thence through the King's writ & returned at the Exchequer. 

[Mills] And [he renders account] for 63s. received from 1 water mill in the said manor of Garway, one other worn-out water mill in Radekir [note 5] & half of one other worn out water mill in Harewood demised [let out] at farm throughout the period of account, just as is contained in the said Roll of details and the aforesaid extents. And he does not give further account here because the said Mill of Redekir had been so broken up and crushed that it was able to gain no profit, as he says. 

[Offerings & altar dues at Garway church] And [he renders account] for 57s. 1d. received from the offerings and obventions produced from the altarage [altar dues] of the church of Garway within the aforesaid time. And he does not answer for the great tithe in that year, because it was sold wholesale by the said brothers before their arrest, as he says. 

[Pleas and perquisites of court] And for 73s. 2d. from the receipts from pleas and perquisites of Court throughout the same time, as is contained there [i.e., in the roll of details]. 

[Garden and dovecote] And for 13s. 8d. received from garden fruit [note 6] and dovecote produce within the said period, as is contained there. 

[Underwood] And for 42s. received from underwood sold there. 

[In the coffers] And for 40s. 10d. received both in cash found in the coffers of the said brothers in the said Manor of Garway at the time of their arrest, and from 1 silver goblet and 5 rings similarly found there and later sold as is contained there [i.e., in the roll of details]. 

[Stock] And for £ 11 16s. 7d. from one packhorse of the aforesaid brothers, 120 wethers, 3 carcasses of oxen from murrain,[note 7] 6 pigs & [number missing] pelts of sheep and lambs, sold as is contained there. 

[Foodstuffs] And for 76s. 4d. received for 21 bacons, 3 ox carcasses and for cheese and butter from the produce of the Manor of Garway within the said period, sold as is contained there. 

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