*Chapter 13*

On the way to my house I thought about all the possible ways that I could get out of having to have this conversation but if I knew Jaimie, then she would not let me get away from this. She dogged me all the way out of the parking lot, following in her car with Todd in the passenger seat.

I looked in the rearview mirror just to make sure that I hadn't miraculously lost them in the traffic, but nope, there was her car following right behind me. I sighed and focused back on the road. I tooka another quick peek in the mirror to check on Noelle who was being awfully quiet. She was asleep.

I pulled in the driveway, and took my time getting Noelle out of her car seat, trying not to wake her. I carried her in the house and left the door open for them to follow. Once, she was situated in her bed, I kissed her cheek and trudged back down the stairs to meet them. Jaimie sat on the couch, her arms folded with Todd sitting next to her with an arm around her shoulders. It looked like he was rubbing small circles on her arm soothingly. She must be really worked up.

"Just let me get the bags out of the car," I said and started walking towards the door. At least not I'll have a few minutes to compose myself...

"Todd, go help her please so she can hurry up." Jaimie snapped. I guess I wasn't getting those few minutes after all.

"Sure thing," Todd said easily, following me out to the car.

"So," I blew out a big breath and laughed nervously. I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. "She's really mad."

"Yeah, a little bit. What did you expect, I mean you did completely stop talking to her after you moved." He shrugged.

I bit my lip. "Oh," I said meekly.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. You already know she'll forgive you, she's just a hurt." He grabbed most of the bags in one go and took them in the house so that only left me with a few to take.

Together Todd and I worked to put the food away and all the while Jaimie sat on the couch impatiently,watching us like a hawk. I could feel her eyes burning holes in me as I moved around the kitchen. When it came time to go into the living room I almost had a mini heart attack. I mean Jaimie had been my best friend for so long I knew her like the back of my hand. She could really light into someone when she wanted to.

I hadn't sat down for more than five seconds before she was already talking. "Explain."

"Um, first I just want to  apologize," I looked at them. Todd with no expression and Jaimie looking heated. "To both of you. You really didn't deserve it and I'm really sorry I left you guys like that." 

"Mmhmm," Jaimie mumbled. I swallowed hard.

"So Todd, did Jaimie tell you the story?" I asked for somewhere to start off.

"Yeah, she filled me in. I hope you don't mind." He flashed a quick smile at me.

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