The Life of Jadine Anderson

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I got out of bed to get ready for the first day of school, I thanked god Monday's are always half days because I don't know what I would do if it wasn't.

Being the lazy person that I am, I trudged towards the bathroom. Brushed my teeth and did my daily routine, after my shower I wrapped the towel around me and walked back to my room.

Since it was February and kind of warm outside, I decided to put on a high waist skinny jeans, with a white ruffle top and some brown leather boots. I got my cropped jeans jacket that matched my jeans and put it on. I unwrapped my hair and let it fall past my shoulders. I swiped my bangs to the side and looked studied myself in the mirror.

My milk chocolate complexion seemed to glow under the lighting in my room, my dark brown eyes looked tired and dull from waking up so damn early. My slightly chubby face and extra plump lips accented my average sized noes and big eyes

I snapped out of my gaze, picked up my tote bag with my wallet that held my School I.D and cash. Picked up my phone of the base and checked the time.

"SHH-UGAR FOOT!" I yelled when I saw that it was 7:45 and I had to be at school for 8:15 to pick up my schedule and school metrocard.

I grabbed my itouch and I ran down the steps and bumped into my mom, "Sorry mom, I gotta go, don't want to be late for school"

"Okay sweetie, be safe and text me when you get to school" she said, "Will do mom, laters" and I saluted her on my way to the door.

"Bye Hunnie!" she yelled as I made my way through the door

I texted my best friend Britni, while walking out my building

Me: u ready?

Brit: yea, were yu at?

Me: walkin to your house, I'll be ova in 5

Brit: ii8

I put my phone in my pocket, and heading to Britni's house since she lived liked 2 blocks down from me and closer to the train station, not wanting to be late I started to speed walk to her house, not trying to waste anymore time.

Me: Brit im around the corner, meet me outside

Brit: kk

As soon I turned the corner, I could see her coming out of her house and walking down her steps. She looked down both ends of the block for me, I ran up to her and we both began to walk to the station

"So how was your weekend Brit" I said

"Boring! The usual cook, clean, read and do homework. How about you ?" She said

"Same did nothing but babysit my little brothers and watch tv"

" Aren't you happy that this is our junior year, it seems like just yesterday we were freshmans"

"Yea I know... OOWWW look, there goes Justin" I said as I nudged her

She blushed furiously and tried to hide behind me


"Don't call him over here!" she hissed

I shrugged and said "Don't get mad at me, you know you want to talk to him"

She glared at me and said "Soo, he doesn't need -

"He who?" said Justin

"oh nobody you need to worry about" said Britni blushing even more

" Mhmm ok, so whats up Jay" he said

"Oooh nothing going to school, speaking of school we got to hurry, don't wanna be late" I said and grabbed both their hand and dragged them to the trainstation


Prospect High School Official class: 341

Jadine Anderson Guidance counselor: Ms. Bonnie

11th Grade 2011-2012 Semester 2


Periods Time Class Teacher Room

4) 10:00-10:45 Algebra & Trig. 2 Mr. Williams 215

5) 10:48-11:33 English 6 Ms. Jackson 256

6) 11:36-12:21 Lunch ------------- CAFÉ

7) 12:24-1:09 Weight training Mrs. Chin 356

8) 1:12-2:57 U.S. History Mr. Gardner 143

9) 3:00-3:45 Chemistry Ms. Henry 333

10) 3:48-4:33 Art Ms. Charles 422

"BRIT LOOK WE HAVE 6-9 PD TOGETHER" I yelled happily.

" I know" she said and laughed

" Hey Jay we have 5th and 10th together" Justin said

"Cool, what time you guys start?" I asked

"5th" said Britni

"5th" said Justin

"Aaawwww I start before you guys. That sucks" I said

" Well we can all leave together so its no problem" said Justin

"So what we gunna do now, we have a couple of hours to spare" Britni said looking at her watch.

"I don't know, wanna go to the senior office and watch a movie with Ms. Williams?" I asked

"Sure!!" they said and we walked to the senior office on the first floor.


"Later guys I'm going to class" I yelled as I left the office

"Bye" they both said

I put my headphones on and as I was searching through mi ipod looking for my favorite song. I bumped into someone and dropped my ipod and my bag. When I bend down to pick it up, a hand was already there picking up my stuff. When I searched to see who the hand belonged to I gasped.

I can't believe it, I seriously can't believe it. I'm looking at Josh Hernandez! My biggest crush since I was like a freshman. I stared at him for a minute not realizing that he was holding out my ipod and bag towards me.

He waved his hand across my face "Hellooo, anybody home?"

"Oooh umm... yea sorry about that your hotness distracted me" I clapped my hand around my mouth

Sh!t I can't believe I just said that out loud.

He chuckled saying "Yea I seem to have that affect on people"

"Cocky much" I mumbled looking down

I took my stuff out his hand and said "Thank you"

"No problem, just let me know anytime you want to drop something" he laughed walking away

I stared at his retreating back, he can't be serious. Who says that to someone? Shaking my head I walked to class.


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