Angel Above You

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Hidden deep in the shadows,

I watched as the lights danced on the trees

They sent out messages to the little girl,

Whose tears poured like summer rain.

I waited, sinking into the night,

Letting my magic take over.

Oh, the pain in her eyes,

The hatred in her cries.

He used her, abused her, oh, her own father!

Poor baby girl, not knowing where to turn.

The howls she screamed at night,

Though no one heard but me.

The lights shone brighter,

Like fireworks in the night sky.

Entering into the girl’s fragile body,

My magic sung out to her.

Oh, sweet, sweet baby, it’s okay.

Come with me, into your wonderland.

Everything will be okay.

Just follow me.

The girl’s tears shone like crystals in the moonlight.

Sweet girl, never deserving any of this,

But dealing with it all the same,

And crying as her body gave out.

Her spirit lifted,

Glowing with victory.

Turning to me,

She did a little dance,

As she was finally with her mother once again.

Oh, sweet beautiful girl,

How grown you have become!

My baby girl.

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