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Chaos was inevitable through the course of history.    The Olympians' family feuds alone could shake the world.  

 Yet, there was a lady who was born for the very purpose of maintaining a somewhat balance between the Olympians and their children, as well as a force to help the demigods fight the monsters that roamed the world. 

She who was not one of the Olympians, nor a mortal, rather the messenger, the guardian of the bridge between the two worlds.  

It was she who once brought harmony between the demigods and their parents, when the Ancient Laws forbid the Olympians from tending to their offspring.  Once respected and loved,  the Lady disappeared eventually, her name only a distant memory in the history of half bloods.   Until a young girl with the likeness of the lady showed up at camp, accompanied by her best friends and an awkward satyr.

Solaria Romano, a fiery, somewhat awkward daughter of Apollo, never imagined herself as special in the world of demigods.    Nevertheless, she finds herself entangled in the mystery of the lady lost to memory,  hurling her into a pit of seemingly unanswerable questions about her own life.

They said the Apollo children don't lie, but nobody ever said anything about reality being a lie.

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