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Chapter- Thirty Five

I enjoyed a lot.

Vitale's parents were adorable together. I had no idea if his parents knew how his son was. But I knew they loved him.

I saw his old pictures. Watched old videos. Heard funny encounters. I had a glimpse of how his life was. I think as a child he really did enjoy his life.

I wanted to know more. I wanted to unravel his past. I had to admit I was jealous that I could not be a part of his life soon.

Accidentally, I met him, fell for him.

Maybe everything happened just happened accidentally. I wonder maybe we were not meant to be together.

I watched a video of him at his eighteenth birthday.

"Mom!" An annoyed Vitale told, his eyes were not at the camera but probably at his mother who was behind the camera.

He looked young, carefree and looked almost friendly.

He looked like a boy.

"Sweetie," a voice came. Vitale's mom.

Words were exchanged in a language that was foreign to me. The camera was still focusing on Vitale. The screen showed us all his reactions.

"Vitale." A third voice interrupted both of their bickering. The hand that was on my waist immediately tightened.  I looked at him, his face suddenly looked pale. All the color drained from his face.

"Sarah." Vitale's voice immediately made me to turn my face to the screen.

Now instead of his face, I was starring at a girl. A beautiful girl. She had black hair that perfectly matched with her tanned skin. Her face looked make up free but yet it still looked flawless.

She grinned and that multiplied her beauty.

Vitale too gave her a broad smile, this Vitale was different from that I know. This Vitale looked almost too happy.

They both kissed. A giggle was heard somewhere from the background. I instantly blocked out everything and my eyes focused only on that scene.

It hurt.

Seeing that someone could make Vitale this happy hurt like hell. I also wanted to make him smile.

I blinked and then turned to face him again, "Who is she?" I whispered. It was meant only for Vitale to hear but the room was silent and so everyone heard it.

"Sarah." Was Vitale's reply.

"He loved her too much." Vitale's mother interrupted, "but she died because of one stupid mistake," she shook her head, "Car Accident."

I nodded my head not knowing what to say.

I didn't know that.

Now that I think, I didn't know anything about him. I was clueless about his life.

He was too. I bet he didn't even know who my parents were. He probably do not even know my age.

"I.." I trailed off, biting my lips. Vitale's grip now loosened, the hand now rest on my lap.

"It is in the past." He whispered. I turned my head to him and I smiled, "It is okay. I understand." I squeezed his hand too just to show him it was okay.

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