Gentle Smiles. Part 68

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9th January 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I was feeling a little nervous as we stood in front of the door about to knock at the home of Alice Webster. She use to be called Alice Miller until she married Henry who had been one of the groomsmen at the Lowell Manor after she was taken in by Florence.

" Are you as nervous as I am? " Reid asked me along with a cheeky smile that he gave to me.

" Spitless, to be honest." I answered back to him before taking a breath and pressing the doorbell slightly hearing it ring inside the house. It was quiet for a moment before we began to hear the steps of someone who was running down the hallway calling out.

" I'll get it." The young female voice called out before we heard a few latches being unlocked before the door was pulled open wide to show us a very young and slender young lady who was standing before us with one hand on the door as she looked at us with an expectant look on her face.

" Umm. Hello. We're looking for Alice Miller Webster." I said to the young lady who began to slightly frown at us. But before she could say anything, an older woman walked up behind her catching our attention as she was wiping her hands with a cloth.

" Who is it Melly?" The older woman asked her as she neared us.

" I don't know, Mumma. But they asked for Grandma." The one called Melly called out to her mother over her shoulder not taking her eyes of us for a minute. Suspicious looking girl she was. Or rather, she was looking at us with suspiciousness.

" Mum was mentioning that she was getting a visit today." The older woman said as she appeared in the doorway with a smile on her face. One she quickly lost when she looked at Reid. She just froze and stared at him.

" Oh my god. Oh my.." She said as she continued to look at my husband. She was giving me and Reid a good idea that she recognised Reid's face. I wondered how?

" Hello. I'm Sarah Joifield and this is my husband Reid. We've come to visit with Alice Miller Webster if that's possible?" I asked her with a gentle smile. Then we watched as her eyes widened as I mentioned our last name.

" Oh my goodness yes. Come in. Come in. Mum has mentioned your name ever since we were born. I'm Celia Finely. Please come in." She said with this smile that grew wider and wider as she waved us inside her home. I smiled when I heard her name. Celia, Reid biological mother's name.

" This is my daughter Mellisandria. We call her Melly. Mum will be stoked that you have come to visit. She really will be. Please follow me this way." She said as she turned to walk back down the long but spacious hallway that lead right to the back of the house where it opened into an open plan living area which included the kitchen, the dining room and a very large family room that looked out into a lovely garden outside.

" Mum, where are you?" Celia suddenly called out for her mother.

" Hold your britches. I'm just on the loo." A strong loud voice responded to her call which caught our attention. Just before another voice called out as well.

" You do know that others might want to take a piss too you old hag." Another older voice called out after Alice yelled to her daughter.

" Oh, for heavens sake you pair. Mum.. Dad. We have visitors if you don't mind." Celia yelled out which surprised us, Reid and me. We weren't told that Alice's husband was alive.

This was going to be one very interesting meeting. I just smiled.

" Visitors. I was only expecting Merv and Kitty to come over." Alice yelled out after hearing a loo flush.

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