57. Fittings

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"You seem brighter this morning."  Harper commented as we made our way to her studio.

"I spoke to Jay after you went to bed last night."

"And everything's good?"

I told her everything, from how we met to when we met Harper in London and everything from our time in London to now.  Harper let me speak without interruption.

"So, when you called I actually felt a sense of relief."  I admitted.

"And now?"

"Now, I think I overreacted, and..."

"And?"  She prompted curiously.

I could feel the blush creeping over my cheeks.  "He uh..."

To my surprise, she started to giggle.  "I knew it.  I knew he was like Damien."


"Sorry."  She said as she tried to contain herself.  "I should have let you finish, but I'm almost certain I know what you're going to say."

"Really?  What?"

"He's going to punish you, isn't he?"

"Yes."  I whispered.

"Panties down and over the knee?"  She asked and shrugged when I looked surprised.  "Damien loves to punish me, one time he tied me to his office desk and left me there for hours while he alternated between working and touching me.  Sometimes doing both."

"Do you uh...like it?"  I asked quietly.

"At first, no. I felt completely humiliated, but now, now I love it. I know he doesn't do it to belittle me, he does it to reinforce his love for me. And coz he's a control freak." She added and laughed. "How do you feel about it?"

"Honestly? The thought of it gets me so turned on and he knows that, which is why he told me last night so now I have 2 days to think about it."

"I told Damien when we were in London, that Jay was like him. I just knew it."

"But, how?" I nervously wondered how many others were so insightful.

"The way he looks at you, he's always touching you, he's attentive...I don't really know Mia, I could just pick it. And..." she suddenly teased me. "you was wearing that nipple chain."

I was trying to stop the blush that I could feel deepening. It wasn't that she was making me feel uncomfortable, it's just that I never had a girlfriend to talk to like this. Obviously, I couldn't discuss this with Megan, that would just be too weird.

"He can be really intense sometimes and it's like I have absolutely no resistance against him.

We had arrived at the studio and were putting our stuff down as we continued talking.

"Good intense?" She asked over her shoulder as she pulled some dress bags off the racks and brought them to the rack closest to the mirror.

"Amazing intense Harper, I lose all ability to focus on anything but him."

She nodded knowingly as she unzipped one of the bags.  "So what are you going to do?"

"Do?"  My eyes were drawn to the dress she had unveiled.

"Yeah, do.  It sounds like your punishment is inevitable, so are you going to wait for him to give it or are you going to hand yourself over on a platter?"

"I hadn't thought about it Harper. Jay uh...he usually takes what he wants."

"So, why not change it up a bit Mia? The result will be the same." She gave me a sly smile as she turned her attention to the dress before us, the shimmering red material sure to grab attention.

"This is just a 'mock up', so I can make sure the measurements are right." She told me as she helped me step into it and zipped it up.

I watched in the mirror as she looked it over with a critical eye.  "I think I need to skim the sides."  She muttered to herself as she turned and reached for her box of pins.

I didn't comment as she told me to raise my arms and untacked a few stitches, folding the material in a little and pinning it.

Still not satisfied, she cut more stitches and this time she smiled when she pinned it to reveal more of the flesh of my breast.

"We don't want to show too much Mia, but you have really full breasts and it would be a shame not to take advantage of that.  Do you still feel supported?" 

I put my arms down and moved a few different ways to make sure the dress still hugged me.

"Yeah, it still feels quite snug Harper."

"Good, good."  She mumbled as she studied it further, her nose scrunching a little.  "Would you feel comfortable with a little bit more?  It just seems...I don't know...."  She continued to study it in silence.  "It's a little safe."

Maybe it's the colour."  She continued.  "You know, red equals sexy."

I held my arms up again as she got to work.  "That works better."  She nodded to herself.  "But I just need to adjust it here."

She pinned the back and stood back to look it over.  "That looks better, how does it feel?"

"It feels really good Harper, I still feel supported." 

"Okay good.  Can you move around for me, I want to see how the split sits."

I walked around the room, sat, stood, stepped up on the platform, as she carefully watched the way it fell each time.

"That's actually pretty perfect Mia.  There's nothing showing that shouldn't be.  And the length is spot on.  How does it feel when you sit?"

I sat on the seat she brought in and moved as instructed.

"No gaping."  She commented to herself.  "How does it feel around your hips and thighs?"

"It feels really good actually.  I can feel it hugging me, but it's not tight at all."

"Great, that's how it should feel."

A few hours later, Mia was re zipping the 4 bags, explaining that the 'real' dresses should be ready in 2 to 3 weeks. 

"We'll start marketing them in a week or so and my team will come up with details for a launch.  So, that means a photo shoot beforehand, then I'll need you to model them on the night."

I wiped my sweaty palms on my thighs and Harper noticed.  "Is that okay?"

"Yeah, sure.  I mean, of course it is.  It's just...I've never done anything like that before."

"That's why I think this collection got so much interest in London Mia."

"What do you mean?  All I did then was wear them, I still can't believe...oh no, I mean the dresses were absolutely gorgeous, don't get me wrong...it's just me in them...shit, let my try again."

Harper laughed as I tried to find the right words.

"Sexy innocence."


"That's how they should be marketed, it suits you perfectly."

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