"Ready Zayn?" the interviewer asked with a warm smile plastered over her bright pink painted lips

I nodded as I as well sat down on the brown leather seat

"Hello and welcome to the Tommy show .Today we are live with the one and only himself Zayn Malik! Five albums and 4 singles " The interviewer practically yelled with enthusiasm evident in her tone as the crowd roared in joy

"Thank you so much.Every single one of you wherever they are here or anywhere else in the world." I said looking at the camera and thanking my fans which love unconditionally

"Well all your songs were amazing some which you wrote with someone called Saba khan, are you guys like together?" The interviewer teased with a smirk

"Umm we had a close relationship " I replied

"And now?" the interviewer asked

"And now she is just my good friend" I replied with an assuring smile

"In your songs I think we all have noticed the utter pain and incomplete love behind those lyrics . Does that mean th--'

"No no my love is my complete" I interrupted her before she could complete her sentence

"Also incomplete " She observed

"A world famous Artist once told me about strength of love and today I will tell " I told back with a distant look in my eyes remembering each and every moment spent with her crying, laughing, fighting just about anything anyone can imagine

"Is there any name of this love?" She insisted trying to take out as much information possible

"Yes Zoya."

One word, in fact only 4 letters which held so much power over me bringing back millions of memories just in about a second.

"Zoya" I repeated. Those four letters rolling through my mouth like music.

I hope you all liked the Prologue 😘.First chapter will be up soon! 😊✌🏼

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