"The Trip"

           The rest of the month went by great. Me and my friends were making good grades and having a great senior year. Me and Aidan did our session every week and Mrs. Griff seemed to love us. It was now the middle of March and everyone was gearing up for spring. The air had finally turned warmer and everyone could feel it.

            We were now sitting in the gym because Ms. Greenwood had called another assembly for the seniors. I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for us this time.

            “What could it be,” Sid asked.

            “I have no clue,” Amber replied.

            “There is no telling. You know she’s a nut,” I said and we all lapsed back into silence.

            A few minutes later Aidan plopped down beside me and looked over at us.

            “What are we doing here,” he asked grumpily.

            “We don’t know. All she said was that it was a nice surprise for the senior class,” I replied with a shrug.

            “She's such a quack,” Amber said and we all laughed.

            “Excuse me. Can everyone quiet down so that we can get started,” Ms. Greenwood asked from the center of the room. “We have a wonderful surprise for all of you. You have worked so hard to get to this place in time and I think you deserve a reward for that. So the school board has decided to give you a trip. We will be sending all seniors on an all-expenses paid trip to the coast.”

            As soon as she got that out of her mouth everyone started talking and a few people even yelled out. I couldn’t believe this. The beach!

            “You guys will be down there for one week. Glenshire Academy is getting out for spring break so they have agreed to let us use their dorms. Boys and girls will be on separate sides of the campus. Other than that you will be allowed to be together as much as you want. Myself and Mr. Harris will be the chaperones,” she said.

            At the mention of Mr. Harris all of the girls got even more excited. He was the hottest teacher ever. He was only twenty-five. He was tall and broad with short, messy, light brown hair. His eyes were a deep chocolate brown and he had the cutest smile ever. I am not ashamed to say I have caught myself picturing him without his shirt on. Now I would get to see him shirtless every day for a week!

            “You must get your permission slips filled out and turn them into the office by this Saturday. We will be leaving Saturday afternoon at 1 o’clock. We should be at Glenshire by at least six. You can start your fun on Sunday and we will leave the following Sunday. Your first hour teacher will be handing out your permission slips. You are dismissed,” she said with a gesture of her hands.

            We picked up our stuff and headed to our first hour class. When we got there we all sat together and waited for Mr. Rivers to hand out our permission slips. I was sitting between Amber and Aidan. (Yes Aidan now sat with our group though he still never talked).

            “Are you going,” Amber asked me.

            “Of course,” I said. “What about you Sid?”

            “Absolutely. “

            “Aidan,” I asked as I turned to look at him.

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