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      The world of Pokémon, a place where everything you could wish for, everything imaginable is a possibility if you work hard enough. A world where you can partner with creatures strong enough to lead you through any obstacles if you believe in their strength and work with them. Pokémon, monsters that have unimaginable abilities, and take what's possible and change it all with the click of a button. These creatures can range from small bugs surviving in the wild with cunning tactics, to powerful dragons reigning victorious in their battles, to even ghost still residing in the mortal world. The possibilities are endless. These creatures spark the greatest things in humans. Creating amazing scientist pushing humanity further and further in technology and knowledge due to the amazing advancements Pokémon themselves show us through evolution. People bonding with them and battling along side them and becoming legends to help humanity reach there goals and ideals towards a perfect world.

But with ideals to push humanity to become greater and more on there way to a perfect world alongside these pokemon partners. There are also the ideals born from greed, anger, hatred, many negatives of humanity these ideals are what is holding humanity at a stalemate. Unable to reach the perfect worry free world alongside Pokémon all due to people who hold their ideals above others to better themselves, and use Pokémon for personal gain. The thirst for power and control over the strongest of pokemon births conflict. Conflict that is holding humanity and Pokémon back from what it could be. Even putting them all in grave danger. But these conflicts birth more than just suffering and sadness, they create heroes. As great peril and strife is about to befall this world heroes will rise up with the power of their Pokémon and ideals that may be the one thing that saves this world. The chance of their meeting was one in a million. Almost impossible. But something pulled them together. Their meeting was nothing short of fate. 

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