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A light green and blue planet gently orbits in the soft black veil of space. Behind it is the everlasting warm glow of a bright yellow star. A small white sphere circles the planet.

“Captain, we found it.”

            The entire bridge was silent as they looked at the main view screen. The white clouds could be seen rolling along, the oceans so rich and blue, the lush green of forests and grass lands, even the light brown of deserts. They were all awed at its beauty, never in their life have they seen something of this magnificence.

“Prepare all crew members and send a message back to the home fleet”, replied the Captain after a moment of silence.

            The crew rushed back to work and the bridge was busy again. The Captain looked at his private view screen in front of him. On the left was a gray planet with debris in low orbit. The vague outline of continents could be seen though the thick smog and smoke in the atmosphere. The right showed the planet they had just seen, with all of its bright hues and colors. Above the two pictures it had the text that said 98 percent compatibility. They’ve done it, they’ve found Earth….

            The crew was jostled in their seats as the landing craft entered the atmosphere. It was silent inside. It had been four hundred years since a human had set foot on Earth. The radio turned on and the Captain spoke.

            “Ladies and gentleman”, he began, “We are about to embark on the greatest moment in human history. We are about to re-colonize Earth. For four hundred years we have been wondering around endlessly in the dark void of space. But today, we end that, today we come home. Be careful on the surface and best of luck. Captain Locke, out.”

            A man with the name “Pierce” marked on is environment suit stood up. He had a crew cut and a five o’clock shadow forming on his face. He had the grey eyes of a soldier.

            “You heard the Captain, this is important for humanity. Our mission is to make sure that the planet is set for re-colonization. We will be landing on the outskirts of New York City. With the help of Doctor Wake everything should go smoothly.”

            A young women with long brown hair looked up from her tablet at the sound of her name, but the quickly went back to work. There was too much to do. They weren’t expecting to find Earth and she was grossly under prepared.

            The craft landed in the outskirts of the desolate city. It slightly sunk in the thick earth. The crew piled out onto the surface as the craft took off again. The Doctor looked at her tablet and started taking samples.

            “So is the air safe to breathe”, asked one of the crewman as he and the rest walked around. They were utterly amazed; none of them had dirt beneath their feet before. One crew member was intrigued by the mud sticking to her boot; she would lift it up and down just to listen to the glurping sound it would make. Two others were mesmerized by the 50 foot trees surrounding them. Gone were the limitations of metal and machine that they had known their whole lives. They were now immersed in a totally new world.

            “Radiation is a little higher then normal; pollution has significantly gone down, no trace of diseases or infection. I say the air is breathable”, said Doctor Wake, not even looking up from her work.

            The crew quickly opened up their suits to get the fresh air. It was the cleanest and most refreshing breath of air anyone of them had taken. Spirits were high and they soon got off track. Some of them were rolling in the leaves and grass. Others were contemplating swimming in the lake even though it was mid-October. A gun shot rang out getting everyone’s attention, even Dr. Wake. Pierce was standing tall with a gun pointed straight up. His face was stern and cold.

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