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Hello Everyone :) ( or that one person reading this is in the whole world :P)

So.. This is my first book. And I Decided to do a One Direction Fan Fiction..

And .... Well Larry Stylinson.. I guess we have a lot of Directioners out there... but if you dont know then that is Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson..

So I got my inspiration off of Forevermystic's book called Changing my Direction :) 

So i decided to kinda write part two... Like my point of view.

So if you didnt read it.. Then i suggest . I will start of telling what happened in Emmaline's book.

Emmaline's Book//

Louis Tomlinson makes a prank on live tv about dating someone, in this case a guy. All going well until they ask who it is. Louis panics as he didnt think of this. Harry being his "hazza" annouces that He is dating Louis. Of course this is false. Louis is confused and panicing. Louis tries to announce that its just a prank, but it is too late. The world knows. Liam, Zayn and Niall confused as they didnt know that it will come this far.  The fans and paparazzi are going mad.  Will Louis and Harry get closwr together. Louis is confused most of the time.  His heart making every step of the way. After getting invited for an interview they end up more closer then they thought.

Hope you enjoy :)

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