Chapter 4

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Hey guys, sorry its been so long! I've been really ill with the flu! But yeah, i got this finished. Hope you like it! :)


Chapter Four.

Emily's P.O.V

It had been three days now since I had got this job at Nando’s, and I was settling in nicely. I had already become good friends with one of the other waitresses, Jenny Watson, and pretty much knew the rest of the staff by name.

Today started just the same as the other days.

“Morning Em!” I heard someone call, as I entered the staff room.

“Hey Jenny” I smiled back, placing my bag down on the table and grabbing my apron off of my peg.

“Lovely day out today isn’t it” She said, as I tied the strings of my apron together behind my back.

“Jen, it’s windy as hell!” I told her, raising my eyebrows. She just gave me a cheeky wink, before turning back to the paperwork she was looking at.

“Someone’s hyper this morning...” I mumbled as I left the staff room, ready to begin the days work.

The morning passed in a blur. I was working at the till, the most boring part of the job. It was a pretty uneventful morning though, a few odd flirtatious old men, and some people who didn’t really understand what they were doing, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Something that did puzzle me though, was the way that Jenny acted all during our lunch break. She was acting extremely hyper and was giggling at the most random things! AND, she kept bringing up the subject of when I met Harry. Yes I told her, how could I not? I went to Harry freaking Styles apartment for god’s sake. But I had told her that I just wanted to forget about it. However she seemed to be having none of that.

“So what was he really like?” “What did the apartment look like?” “Did you want to kiss him?” “If you could would you want to meet up with him again?” You get the picture?

I tried to answer as best I could, but after a while I got quite bored of it all, and just ended up mumbling incoherent sentences as replies, trying to talk to some of my other colleagues.

“Don’t forget Em, you’re doing all the back tables this afternoon!” Jen reminded me, for what must be the 50th time.

“Yes, yes I know!” I told her as I re-attached my apron, ready to begin my shift serving the food. I liked serving the back tables, the tables where people sat who had slightly more money than others; they tipped well!

The first hour dragged on. I saw a few people I vaguely recognised from the newspapers, but no one major. However, I had already earned £100’s in tips! Life was good!

“Emily, there’s a phone call for you!” I heard my manager call from the staff room. Leaving the other waitresses to deal with the table I was meant to be serving, I went and took the phone from him.

“Thanks” I smiled at him, before putting the receiver to my ear. “Hello?”

Turns out it was some boring old phone call about my bills, which weren’t going too well. Money was tight, and I was struggling enough to have enough to buy food, let alone pay the electricity bills for the excuse that is my apartment.

After a lot of sweet talking, I managed to end that call, with a warning of if they weren’t paid by the end of the month, my electricity would be cut. I sighed as I placed the phone down. What was I going to do? Cut back on food I guess, save the money. And work extra hard, do some more shifts.

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