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Sorry to anyone who thought this was a chapter, it isn't. :( I hate it when wattpad authors update and I think it is the next chapter I have been waiting for, but I did it to you all. I wanted to give you all an update because I won't be able to write this week. You can read on if you want to know but if you don't then I will try to make a long chapter to make up.

Hey everyone, I want to thank you all for supporting my book. I personally didn't think anyone was going to read it or like it for that matter. I wanted to give you all a heads up that I will be getting surgery tomorrow and don't think that I will be able to get you all a chapter this week. I know, can life get anymore difficult? Anyway I wanted to make a shout out to GettingIntoTrouble, who is now following me. And anyone who has liked my book so far thanks, I know that 50 votes isn't a lot compared to the wattpad authors who get over a million but it means the world to me!

. -whiterose1397

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