Cartographer: Preview Part 1

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Author's Note
This is just a preview of the novel, I will upload the whole book here when it's finished, in the mean time, any and all criticism, comments or questions are most welcome! 


"Greetings! This is Svar coming to you live from the Iota-Geminus station, you're listening to 'Magnatar radio' and today is The forty first of the fifth, 149,999,563 ARD. According to the central temporal agency today is the one hundred and fifty millionth anniversary of the very first step beyond Terra Lux!" I turned off the radio that served as my alarm clock. One hundred and fifty thousand years today the Terrans left their home star. I thought, wonder if the great Terran-Du'lak war will be mentioned in a few years. I highly doubted it. The Du'lak were my race, the first the Terrans met, warred with and eventually formed the Old Alliance with. The alliance currently consists of four races; the Terrans and Du'lak of course, along with the Frayans and the Dracons. In a way the Terran's AI have been considered a part of the alliance too, but we just consider them Terran. Pushing past my urge to lie in bed all day I forced myself to get up and get dressed. My clothes locker had a mirror inside the door which, as usual, I spent far too long gazing into. My skin was a deep black, a rarity among my race. Our skin tones varied every shade under the sun but aired on the brighter side for the most part. We had subtle stripes covering our bodies and very flat noses when compared to the Terrans. Second only to our skin colour, the biggest distinction between us and the Terrans was the three Xy'E'Tendris that adorned the rear of our heads. We didn't have hair, but our heads split into three tentacle like protrusions, each tipped with a small fin on either side. These usually reached about waist length, with the central Xy'E'Tendris being slightly longer. There were other, more subtle differences between us and the Terrans, such as our pointed ears and four top incisors. Our eyes were often more vivid colours than the Terrans too. We were known for the variation within our race, whilst Du'lak average height was similar to the Terran average, our females were significantly shorter than our Terrans counterparts and our males were oft taller.

I picked out a pair of dark blue jeans and a black T-shirt, all the clothes I wore were darkly coloured, light colours clashed with my skin tone too much. I stared into the mirror for a while, gazing into my deep amber eyes. They seemed dull these days. Life had become routine, flying for hours, scanning star systems, then more flying. Very routine. It wasn't always like this. there was a time that every day brought new excitement. As things stood I had another two hundred or so years of this routine to look forward to, with an average life expectancy as high as 250 years.

I closed the locker door, breakfast was up next. If we didn't have a meal synthesizer I would've starved to death ages ago. I smiled at the thought, I grabbed a bowl and spoon from the storage and paced the bowl in the meal synthesizer. I selected a porridge made from grains native to Draco and sat at the table gazing out of the window while I ate. I'd always loved the views from this window, it usually faced the station itself while we were docked. I hungrily ate the porridge, it had been far too long since we had anything fresh on board. A few more ships flew past the window as I watched, one docked to the station, another undocking and a few simply flew past. It's odd, I wonder if any of them have ever noticed me watching. Tearing myself away from the view I walked back over to the meal synthesizer to make a coffee. Double shot with extra milk, just how I like it. Bringing the coffee with me I walked through to the bridge, I suppose it's more of a cockpit really, I thought. It was either a large cockpit or tiny bridge, just enough room for two consoles and a pilots chair. A Terran woman was working away at one of the consoles, she had long electric blue hair along with bright blue eyes, her skin was pale even by Terran standards and she was slightly transparent.

"Yar'osis Spark," I greeted her. Spark was my only crew-mate.

"Hey, I think I've got a few good candidates." She turned from the console, spinning in her chair she projected a small area of map, showing the surrounding star systems. Three stars were highlighted.

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