Together Forever ~Robstar~

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♥♥Raven's point of view♥♥

I saw the guys playing video games and Robin well where was Robin? Its very unusual for him not to be here.

so I went to his room, when I opened the door , he was not there.I went to his bed for some clues and I saw a picture of him and starfire togheter, but as friends.Then Robin walked in and surprised me.

♥♥Robins point of view♥♥

I was in starfire's room because I though we could talk then I went to my room again. I opened the door it surprised me seeing Raven shocked with the picture of me and starfire.I did know what to say at that moment.

"R-Raven what are you doing here? " I shuttered.

"I was looking for you then I umm... was looking for clues to know were you are and then I saw your picture with Starfire. " she hold up the picture frame.

"oh that's a friend photo. ..yes a friends photo." I said very nervously.

"Robin, do you love starfire? "

"um...yeah...." I scratched the back of my head. "As a friend!" I quickly added.

"Robin tell me the truth! "

I saw her looking at me as she wanted the truth only the truth.

"Raven I can't lie to you your like my sister"

"okay so tell me if you like her?"


♥♥Ravens point of view♥♥

I know he liked her why else would he keep a picture of her with him.

"Robin I will help you get Starfire because I love you like a brother"I said awkwardly.

"thanks Raven"

"your welcome" I said as I exit the room.

♥♥Starfire's point of view♥♥

"Greetings friend cyborg, have you seen friend Raven? I need to do the talking with her"

"I dont know starfire but you can do the talking with me!" He smiled at me.

" thank you cyborg but it's kind of the private."

"is it about you boyfriend Robin"

I started to blush different types of red.

"NO, it is not why would you think that? Me and robin only are the Best friends not the girlfriend and boyfriend!"

My heart kind of hurt when I said that.

♥♥cyborg's point of view♥♥

Starfire got pretty mad at me ,but I can see she felt sad when she said that so I decided to cheer her up.

"Star I was joking"

"You were?"

"yes I was" I confirmed it. She then hugged me and I hugged back. She felt nice. I like seeing her happy because she's like a little sister.

♥♥Everyone's point of view♥♥

Robin walked in the room where star and cyborg were. Starfire started blushing when she saw Robin."Hey we should go to the movies to see a scary movie!" suggested cyborg.

"A scary movie I'm in" Beastboy came running as quick as he could when he heard the two words which are 'Scary movie'

"what is it with scary movies in this house? " Raven rolled her eyes as she walked into the room.

"scary movies are the best Rae"beast said

"Did you just call her Rae!!"everyone said shocked. Raven just stood there with a really angry expression all over her face.

"so Robin calls Starfire..Star! !"Beastboy said trying to change the subject so nobody would blame him for the little nickname he gave Raven.

Everyone looked at Robin and he began to blush. He managed to give Beastboy a glare mix with anger.

"come on guys let's forget about this and go see the movie!"cyborg said before it got more awkward. Then whispers to Robin "don't worry you can sit next to her in the movies."Robin started to blush, but looked at cyborg with an annoyed look.

♥♥Robin's point of view♥♥

I can't believe beastboy and cyborg are annoying me with this in front of starfire. I don't really mind about Raven she already knows.What starfire -STARFIRE I nearly noticed they embarrassed me in front of starfire. Now I bet she is crept out or something. Better keep it cool.

♥♥Starfire's point of view♥♥

okay so Robin sat next to me I felt weird but glad he was next me during the scary movie.Then he started to talk to me and that's when it got awkward.

"hey star"

"oh hello friend Robin"

"umm so if you get scared don't worry its not real"

His words helped me a little to stay more calm since scary movies always makes me get the scared.

"what is the movie called? " I asked as I looked at him.

"The Marked Ones. I heard its pretty good" he shrugged.

"oh... Robin?"

"Yeah star?"

I could not wait ,I was the most confused are we friends or more than friends. I wanted to know so bad so I asked!

"Robin are we friends or the more?"

He just looked at me ,not wanting to answer. It kind of hurt me that he decided to stay quiet. Curiosity was eating me alive!

((Lol, so this book is horrible. I wrote this a while ago.... Its also short! >.<
I'm trying to edit this so uh... Yeah. I write a little longer than this now and I don't write short sentences...haha.... Past me seems to write short so it would be easy to finish! Sorry about that!))

Sorry the chapter over don't worry its gonna get good in the next one now for a TEEN TITANS PARODY! !:D

ME:so Robin do you like starfire?

Robin :umm

Me:Tell me please

Robin:you don't need to know that o_O

Me:Yes I do now tell me!!


me:Tell me I'm your Father!!

Robin: okay...

Me:haha but seriously tell me!! :-I

Robin:Sorry but I have to go...

Me: :(

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