Betareaders needed

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Before I get into the details, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your assistance in completing this novel.

What is a beta reader? Someone who assists the author by reviewing a pre-release version on a book.

What do I expect? I expect you to be harsh! Tell me what you are really thinking as you are reading. "I wonder why the character didn't..." or "What the Hell? That came outta nowhere" or "This part seems really confusing."

I am looking for a betareader with a mature mindset. And does not get squirmy or offended with adult scenes and sexual erotic innuendos ...This novel at some point gets very explicit.

***If at any point you feel this novel is too much and you don't feel up to reading it, please let me know ahead of time so I don't waste your time or mine.

So to begin this whole novel was typed in the Wattpad app directly from my phone because I am constantly on the go... Therefore, I am sure you will find typos, grammar errors and missing words. Please mark those so I can clean them up.

But I don't want that to be your only focus. I especially want your feedback on big picture items, like:

1. Did the story hold your interest from the very beginning? If not, why not?

2. Did you get oriented fairly quickly at the beginning as to whose story it is, and where and when it's taking place? If not, why not?

3. Could you relate to the main character? Did you feel her/his pain or excitement?

4. Did the setting interest you, and did the descriptions seem vivid and real to you?

5. Was there a point at which you felt the story started to lag or you became less than excited about finding out what was going to happen next? Where, exactly?

6. Were there any parts that confused you? Or even frustrated or annoyed you? Which parts, and why?

7. Did you notice any discrepancies or inconsistencies in time sequences, places, character details, or other details?

8. Were the characters believable? Are there any characters you think could be made more interesting or more likeable?

9. Did you get confused about who's who in the characters? Were there too many characters to keep track of? Too few? Are any of the names or characters too similar?

10. Did the dialogue keep your interest and sound natural to you? If not, whose dialogue did you think sounded artificial or not like that person would speak?

11. Did you feel there was too much description or exposition? Not enough? Maybe too much dialogue in parts?

12. Was there enough conflict, tension, and intrigue to keep your interest?

13. Was the ending satisfying? Believable?

14. Did you notice any obvious, repeating grammatical, spelling, punctuation or capitalization errors? Examples?

15. Do you think the writing style suits the genre? If not, why not? How can I improve it?

I have completely rewritten the story five times, tearing it apart, shuffling scenes, deleting and inserting characters and tweaking the plot. I am worried there may be plot inconsistencies or characters who know things they shouldn't know until later. So please let me know if you find any of these issues.

Most of all, I want you to enjoy the read.

What I will do for you.....

Because you have taken the time out of your busy schedule to help me, this will free me up with time to help you. I personally know the frustration with trying to steadily rise in the Wattpad pool of stories...I am here to help...

ü I can design your book cover if one is needed...

ü I can help read through your story and refer readers to it directly from twitter and facebook (Of course with your permission) and placed it as a recommended read at the end of my story. Let's get you on that what's hot list...

ü I will acknowledge you in my published book (If you would like) once I have tweaked it with the edits you provide and its flowing smoothly.

How will you(betareader) begin...

I would prefer that the story was fully read from beginning to end first before anything is changed... Whether you read it directly from wattpad or a PDF version will be emailed directly to you along with the above questionaire...I want no obstacles to prohibit you from actually reading it.

I have currently 4 novels ready to be tackled and tweaked.

A Night to Remember: Book 1 (its already published but I want to tweak it and reload it...the reviews are awesome but the POV for Kira needs more depth)

Sweet Surrender- Needs a fully tweaking

Rebellious Angel- Needs a full tweaking

Misplaced Angel- needs a full tweaking with a more believable plot towards the end (Obviously it doesn't seem credible her being pregnant while her body was in the past) I am willing to change it if someone can come up with a more compelling edge of your seat scene for that one)...

So there you have it...

I'm in need of a lot of help...

If you are interested please Email me:

I am in need of serious committed Betareaders......

Thank you so much!!!!

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