the excitment

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Mindless behavior come in..

Girls except for me and yarley:ahhh

Faith:wateves bitches!!!!!

All girls look at me.

Faith: did u even read the poster i must warn u treat them like normal students losers !!!!!

All girls sit down.

Headteacher: thank u faith for the disturbing yet helpful speech.

Faith:your welcome!!!

Headteacher: anyways since u said that faith would u mind taking the for a tour.

Faith: im not doing it.

Headteacher: or dentension for a month

faith:where the dogs

the tour

rocs pov

omg faith have some sense of style i likey. She got ass aswell omg.i gotta make her mine.

Faith : this is the end of the tour. Any questions nope dont answer them if u kept attension on what i was talking to u wouldnt be asking.shit time for dance class u all have the same class of me for the whole day.

@ dance class

teacher:ok class attension ok were learning a new dance that i foumd and i am gonna play the music to there goes my baby. The girls i call out will be dancing to it and the rest ill teacher something different. So faith , yarley , michelle , and gina.

Faith : yes!!

Teaches dance...

Teacher: well done girls so now ur gonna performe in front of the dance to the class.

Do the performance

Rocs pov

faith was so sexi doing that dip im getting a boner oh no dont do it .

End of pov

roc gets boner and it goes

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