Mixed up but found out.

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They say if you love someone to set them free, and if they come back they’re your’s forever. But I don’t believe that, if it was true then I would never feel alone in this world. In fact, I wouldn’t write this to keep me entertained. I sometimes wonder how would life be if I wasn’t here, I think life would be easier for my parents, but I wonder would my brother, Troy; be smart like me. I’m no Albert Einstein though, but I’m the smartest out of me and my older brothers. I don’t feel my mother is proud of me though, we hardly speak, I feel she prefers her fiancé and his three daughters. I must admit we are all a bit opposite. Opposite taste in food, I’m a vegetarian and my mum eats meat. She wants me to be a girly girl that has no boyfriends, but I’m more of a stylish tomboy that actually has a lot of secret boyfriends. Last year I had six boyfriends, that’s a lot of boyfriends as I was thirteen to fourteen years old. For the majority of the year I wore no make-up but now I don’t feel comfortable going outside without any on.

Any way, let's get on with the story then.

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