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1, 1 pack macaroni.
2, 2 medium carrots.
3, 5 green beans.
4, A hand full of peas.
5, 1 large sweet green pepper.
6, 1 medium onion and 2 small fresh chillies(grated together).
7, 2 teaspoon of curry powder.
8, 1 tablespoon of garlic salt.
9, 4 maggi cubes and 1 onga(for Nigerians).
10. Any type of beef flavoured seasoning (for other countries that do not have onga and maggi).
11, Vegetable oil.
12, Water.

It serves 3-5 peoples
Cooking time depends on the pasta's cooking time(the time written at the back of pasta's pack).

1, Cut all the veggies to the shapes you want them. You can do the same shape as the one in the picture.
2, In a clean pot, pour the macaroni and place on gas(medium flame). Add oil(don't deep fry, just a little amount that will be OK to cook the macaroni after frying) and stir fry till some parts of the macaroni turn light brown.
3, Add the seasonings, the grated onion and chilli, then add water(don't add too much water, because it doesn't need plenty of it, just some few amount). Add the curry and the veggies and cover the pot.
4, When it's almost done add the garlic powder and the the sweet pepper. Just cook for 1min.

Switch off the gas and its ready to serve and eat.

You can garnish with grated Cheddar cheese and serve hot.

Very yummy!!!

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