roc royal love story ( very rated r )

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Hi , my names faith and i live in LA California.

My life is totally life literally crap ( imagine sad music for 10 seconds ).

The school that i go to is fine , but it comes up to the most popular girl in school Lania.Omg she is a slut the slut of the whole school.Nearly everyday after school u find having sex with one of the football players she is known to be queen of the sluts. So any ways going to the exciting part.....

Poster: Dear school a very special group is coming to our school so i must warn you just act like they were normal students in our school.


Faith: wateves

yarley : why do think everything as a negative it could be the OMG girls.

Faith: oh really well the cerimony is about to start so wed better get going..

Lania: i know who it is .

Faith: oh like a bitch or should i say slut would know.

Yarley: even if u were smart enough to know beoootch.

@ the cerimonial hall.

Headteacher: good morning everyone.

School: morning...

Headteacher: as u all would know that a special is coming today and i give u a hint theyre known as MB.

Faiths pov;

omg mindless behavior is coming to this school ... Ok faith u gotta act normall and ignore them only if they need help i wouldnt i cant wait to see roc royal...

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