Chapter 8

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           Aurora was looking through the clearance section trying to decide between two different jackets. She was very conscious about how much these clothes would cost. She wasn't even sure how she was going to pay for these new items. She assumed that Kole was going to buy them for her but that just didn't feel fair to her. She would have to pay him back, somehow.

"I would go with the purple one." A cheerful voice said behind her. She turned and was shocked to see that it was Georgia.

"What are you doing here?" Aurora asked with a smile. She didn't want to be rude but she was curious.

"We followed you guys, well I followed you. Alex followed me." She clarified.

"Did your brother ask you to come?"

"No, no. He wasn't too happy about us showing up, but I just had to make sure he didn't mess anything up."

"Oh," Aurora nodded relieved.  If he was upset that his sister followed them, did that mean that he wanted to spend time with just her? Aurora hopped so.

"Now, I don't know how long he is going to let me stay, so we best make the most of it." Georgia smiled. "What type of clothes are you getting?"

"Just the basics." Aurora shrugged.

"Oh no, a women needs options." Georgia said and with that she slowly took over, pushing her to get more than Aurora ever thought was necessary.

Kole watched the light that filled Aurora's eyes as she shopped. He was glad she was enjoying herself, she needed this experience and he was just happy that she could be the one to give it to her. He didn't even cringe when they were rang up and the cashier told him that it was going to be nearly five hundred dollars.

Slipping his card over to the cashier he looked down at his mate.

"Thank you, Kole." She spoke looking a little pale, her eyes fixated on the total amount.

"You're welcome, Rory." He nodded. They stepped outside of the store, Kole carrying all of the bags except one small one. There was no way, he was going to allow his mate to carry her own bags. His wolf would have had a fit if he had. To him it was just one more way of caring for her and the last thing Kole wanted was her to be weighed down by the multiple bags.

"Well it's almost dinner time, are you getting hungry?" Kole asked, hoping that Georgia would get the hint that she should leave them alone; like they had agreed.

"Yeah sure," Aurora nodded, still looking around the mall. It was an amazing sight to see. The only time she had ever gone shopping was to go to the grocery store for Darren's pack, she had never been shopping for anything that wasn't found at the local food market. 

"What are you hungry for?" Kole asked.

"I don't care, what ever you want." Aurora spoke breaking her eyes away from the hair salon and looked to the group.

Kole glared at his sister, she hadn't gotten the picture that he wanted them to leave, and if she had, she was ignoring him. Thankfully Rory didn't notice anything.

"You know you could get your hair cut if you wanted." Georgia spoke noticing where Aurora had been looking.

Kole bit his lip. He loved her long hair, he didn't want her to cut it off. But he would keep his mouth shut, she needed to make the decision for herself.

"No, I don't think I'm ready for that " Aurora shook her head, playing with the ends of her hair.

'Thank the moon!'  Kole thought with a inward smile.

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