Toire No Hanako-San

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Okay. I started to read some scary crap when I was sick one day and I happen to stumble upon some Japanese Horror stories. I became obsessed! I read some of them over and over again to make sure I remember as much as I can. I read from anything I could find and Japan... has some creepy stories. I watched the movie Slit-mouthed woman Carved and loved it. I was hoping I could share some of them hear on wattpad. Have fun reading, and don't turn off the light. Unless you want a get scared badly. Then it's all yours.

Warning- This is horror. If you don't like it, then don't read it. Okay, see ya. :p

1, Hanako-San Of The Toilet トイレの花子さん

Hanako-San has been around sense 1950 and is about a little elementary girl who haunts the third stall of the bathrooms. Hanako-San has also sent the disappearance of many people from around the world. Usually she is wearing a red skirt with a bobbed hair cut while her hair is black. Hanako-San's story went viral in the 1980's but is believed to have existed sense the 1950's.

Hanako is told to be a small girl who died during the WWII period while playing hide and seek with friends at school. But there are others that say she was found in the bathroom by an abusive parent or pervert. But the most famous -that I have read-only is her during WWII and was killed in a bombing raid while playing hide and seek but some say she is just a restless spirit.

There are many story's about Hanako that I have read but the most famous one is how to summon her. There's many ways.

Way #1- You can call out her name in the bathroom. You chant it three times and she will normally appear to you out of three third stall. That's the first one I heard of how to summon her.

Way #2- You go to the third stall on the third floor and knock. (But if you don't have a story floor school then any one will due, mines a one story) You also ask her a question. The most told one is "Anata wa, Hanako-San, ga arimasu." Which, in translation, is "Hanako-San, are you there?" She might not be there or will answer in a faint voice. "Watashi no koko ni iru ya." And if you translate that, it's. "Yes, I'm hear." Or really close to that. If you choose to open the door, you will be greeted by a small girl in a red shirt and black bobbed hair. She will most likely then drown you in the toilet. It's a pretty cruddy way to die so if you try this, I suggest you just leave if she answers. Or your outta luck.

Hanako-San also was a huge pour down in Japan and reached the National Phenomena stage were, at schools, children were afraid of bathrooms and say they saw Hanako on the playground. And many people started to disappear when the Hanako story became very popular in the 1980's.

There is also two story's that are much like Hanako. One is Kashima Reiko. And another is Aoi Manto or Aka Manto. I might add these stories later.

And yes. Hanako must be summoned, you can't just come into the bathroom and she will pop up unlike some. She is like the Bloody Marry of Japan. Yea. It would be creepy to walk into the bathroom and see a little girl in a red skirt come up to you. Haha, no. She won't do that. She will stay in her stall in till you summon her. She's polite like that... in till she kills you but hey! Try it. Or don't.

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