Chapter 9

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The department was quiet as Connie finished on the ward with her patient. "Mrs Beauchamp-" "Ah Mr Strachan nice of you to turn up today." He rolled his eyes as he walked in time with her along the corridor. Everyone was busy with their own thing as they neared the desks in the centre of the department.

"When is Professor Hope back?" "Today with any luck...Upstairs are driving me crazy with questions as to when he's coming back." Sam smirked as he reached over the desk which didn't go unnoticed by Connie. She swiftly hit his side causing him to pull a hand back to his side feigning injury.

Sam held his side pulling a face as Connie placed a hand to her hip tilting her head to one side slightly. "Oh come on-" He was leaning closer to her than before as his voice came out lower. "I think I might need a doctor." Connie smirked humming in agreement as she joked with him, his flirtatious nature out in full force.  "Nice attempt Mr Strachan but the closest I will be getting to you is to hit you again for doing something wrong no doubt."

"Connie-" "Elliot, welcome back." Turning away from Sam with one final glance she walked towards the other man, wandering in the general direction of their office. "How was the conference?" "Good. Incredibly boring and a waste of my time but I think you'll appreciate my attempt at enthusiasm."

Smirking she pushed the office door open walking in ahead of him. A knock at the door came causing them both to look up as Sam appeared again. "Mr Strachan?" "Sorry you left this out on reception, thought you might have needed it." Connie smiled gratefully taking the folder from him as he looked to Elliot. "Good to have you back, how was it?" "About as thrilling as sticking pins into my eyes."

Connie turned to him with a roll of her eyes. "He's over exaggerating, it wouldn't have been that bad." "It was on the level of entertainment that Henrik himself would enjoy." Connie winced as she sat down behind her desk while Sam pulled a face. "Yeah, that does sound painful." "Anyway I'm glad to be back... How's this place been?"

Standing up again she rounded the desk to get something out of the filing cabinet across the room. "Oh it's been awful-" "Practically falling apart without you." Connie smirked across at Sam as he chimed in with her. Elliot smiled mockingly as he glanced between the pair. "Enough of the joking, I'm just an old man."

Connie placed a hand to his arm with a smile shaking her head. "I'm glad your home, because I was beginning to think I'd have to tell Guy and Henrik to f-" "I have the idea Connie." Sam smirked as she looked to him. "No. You losing your temper with the big hats? Never-"

Connie crossed the room to him again hitting his chest with the file which he proceeded to take. "You can keep that shut and get out to do some work." She pointed to his mouth causing him to laugh again before looking to Elliot once more. "Good to have you back Professor Hope." Glancing to Connie he smiled before stepping out of the office leaving them to it.

She ignored the eyes she knew were on her as she returned to her desk taking a seat. "Anything interesting happen while I was away?" "No." Connie lifted her head watching him look back at her. "If what you're really trying to ask is, did anything happen between myself and Mr Strachan than no it didn't."

He nodded about to question her again but the knock at the door ended the chatter. "Come in-" "Connie, you forgot this when you left... Oh. Mr Hope, I didn't know you were back already." Connie had let her head fall slightly before lifting it again accepting her phone from Greg. "Just got in actually, Connie was just filling me in on what I've missed." "Oh it's been comical, Mrs Beauchamp even told Mr Hansen a few nicknames-" "Alright catch up is over."

She aimed her gaze to Greg who laughed as she wandered to the door with him. Stepping outside and along the corridor with him, they stood to one side. "I am so sorry, I didn't realise he was there. If I'd have known-" "It's fine." He nodded leaning against the wall as she stood before him with her arms folded against her chest. "Where was this?"

Greg smirked slipping his arms around her waist as she reluctantly stepped into his embrace. "I found it under the corner of the bed. I'm guessing it fell last night when we were-" "Yeah I get that." She looked at him causing him to laugh before leaning down and pressing his lips against hers. Separating he ran a hand across her cheek. "You free for lunch today?" Nodding gently she checked her phone. "Should be."

Pushing it into her trouser pocket she let her eyes move back to his again. "I'll come by your office for one?" "Mhm, surgery at twelve... Two?" Nodding he leant down and captured her lips once more. Connie moved her hands to his shoulders as she responded to his kiss. Greg's hands pressed to her back before loosening his hold on her.

Breaking apart he smiled. "Two it is. I'll see you later Mrs Beauchamp." Rolling her eyes she pushed away from him and wandered back to the office, his eyes following her the entire time until she was out of sight. Opening the office door she leant against it before letting it close. "Everything okay?" "Fine."

Connie moved across the room taking her seat once again as Elliot nodded looking round to his computer screen. "Don't look at me like that." "I wasn't." She sighed turning to look at him as he looked back at her. "Connie you know as well as I do that I'm not judging you." Clenching her jaw she nodded watching him return to his work. Glancing down at her desk she shut everything else out concentrating on her work.

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