Part 13 + Epilogue

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Two weeks later, Madhu was nervously sitting in the dressing room in the convention center where she is getting married to RK as the beautician got her ready. She was panicking and wanted to bolt. She just couldn't get married so fast. She wasn't ready.

God, please help me! Madhu begged almost in tears.

How could she marry all of a sudden? She wasn't ready for these responsibilities.

"Please don't frown." The beautician tells her as she dabbed at her forehead.

Madhu nods and tries to relax.

Please God!

She needed to talk to RK. Madhu quickly picks her mobile to call him. He would be on his way to the venue.

Just before she could press on the dial button, she hears the door open and looks at the mirror to see her mother hurrying in.

"Are you ready? Rishabh and his family are here." Padmini tells her.

"Give me two minutes." The beautician tells her.

"Mama..." Madhu calls her almost in tears.

"Looking very beautiful, Madhu." Padmini says smiling at her. "You look so nervous."


"What?" Padmini asks her smiling. "Nervous about getting married?"

"I don't know, Mama... I just..." Madhu starts to tell her almost in tears.

"Why are you keeping my brother waiting?" Trishna asks Madhu as she walked into the room.

Before Madhu could say anything, Trishna tells Padmini, "Aunty, you go... I'll bring her. Some guests were looking for you."

Padmini nods and turning to Madhu, she asks her "What happened? Are you getting nervous about starting your new life?"

"What happened?" Trishna asks curiously.

"I am not ready." Madhu tells her almost in tears.

"There is 10 more minutes for the muhurat. You need more time?" Trishna asks her.

"I don't think she meant that." Padmini gently tells her as she studied Madhu's face.

"Then?" Trishna asks her, her heart skipping a beat.

"This is too soon, Trish. I am scared." Madhu tells them as tear filled her eyes.

"Please don't cry. You will ruin the makeup." The beautician tells her in panic.

"And you think that is our main worry, now?" Trishna snaps at her.

"If you could wait outside for a few minutes?" Padmini gently tells her.

The beautician nods and leaves worriedly thinking about her 3 hours of hard work.

"Madhu..." Padmini turns to her daughter after the door was closed. "What happened? Don't you love Rishabh."

"I do, Mama... I love him a lot." Madhu tells her as she gripped her hand in worry.

"Then?" Trishna asks her.

"All this... it is happening too soon. I didn't even get time to think." Madhu tells her as she gulped her sob.

"Shhh.. don't cry." Padmini tells her in a calming tone. "What is your issue, Madhu?"

"I don't know." Madhu tells her as she shook her head fighting her tears.

"But you want to postpone the wedding?" Trishna asks her worriedly thinking what effect it would have on her brother.

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