Chapter 8

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As Connie sat down for the first time after a long day, she looked around the desk at the few pieces of paperwork she had left to complete. Her relationship with Greg hadn't exactly been slow, it had very rapidly picked up from where they left it. Connie barely had a minute to think but she was seemingly happy.

It was already late and the minutes ticked by carelessly. The only light in the room came from the lamps standing over her desk and beside the sofa. The department relatively quiet as the night shift had begun hours ago, everyone disappearing home.

Sam walked through the corridor noticing the lights on in the office. Frowning briefly he walked towards the door knocking lightly before hearing her call him in. Connie looked up with the faintest of smiles as Sam came inside. "Thought you could do with some company." A small laugh escaped her lips as she looked down to her desk.

When she didn't refuse he came inside letting the door close behind him. He sat on the sofa watching as she leant back in her chair turning it to face him. "Why are you here so late?" "I've just finished. I offered to cover for Oliver, you?" She held up a file before dropping it back to the desk. Sam smiled leaning back on the sofa. "No Greg tonight?" "He was tired. Long day apparently..."

He laughed as she rolled her eyes moving from the desk to sit beside Sam on the sofa. Falling down onto it she released a sigh rolling her head back. "You look exhausted." "Mmm, no I'm fine." He watched her with worry as she turned her head to the side to look at him. "Why aren't you home with Emma?" "She's working with Craig, the new developer. He's so good at his job, didn't you know?" The sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Connie smirked looking back up to the ceiling. "Is that jealousy I'm sensing Mr Strachan?" He groaned sinking down into the sofa further as Connie looked to him properly. "Things are okay aren't they?" He shrugged sighing before looking to the wall ahead of him. "Yeah, I mean, I just don't know where we stand right now. Ever since she got this promotion it's work, work, work."

A nod came from Connie as she rest her head against her hand. "And I'd know all about that wouldn't I?" "I didn't mean-" "I know... Do you ever wander what life would be like if we weren't so stuck in our ways?" Sam looked to her with a small frown. "What do you mean?" Connie shrugged briefly as she fell quiet. "I thought that I might have been pregnant, petrified myself but by the time I found out I wasn't I'd come round to the idea."

Sam placed a hand to her arm rubbing it gently as she smiled. "I'm fine, I guess what I meant is... Maybe if I'd put more time into my own life I wouldn't be sitting here having this conversation." He nodded gently, his hand still placed to her arm. "I know you're right by the way. About me being stupid to forgive him but, I couldn't turn everything I felt off."

Shaking his head he watched her before reaching an arm out around her shoulders. Connie instantly let her head rest to his shoulder as he traced his thumb over her arm. "Ignore what I said, I had no right... I just didn't want to see you get hurt again, but I understand why you went back." "Really?" Lifting her head she was unaware of how close they now were.

"Yeah. It doesn't matter how hard you try, or how many times you tell yourself their not good for you, you still feel something for them." Connie couldn't help but see beyond his words as he watched her. He moved a hand to brush against her cheek softly, her eyes never moving from his. Dropping it quickly he began to sit up. "I should go-"

He stood, wandering across the room before Connie got up after him. "Sam wait." Reaching for his hand he gradually turned round to face her again. "You said yourself we couldn't land ourselves in this again." Stepping closer she nodded carefully. "I know." It didn't stop her from moving closer until she stood before him. Sam lifted his hands to her cheeks as she pressed hers to his chest.

They stood looking to one another for a moment before she broke the silence. "Emma is lucky to have you, she'll see that soon-" "Lucky to have someone who can't get his mind away from you?" Connie took a breath feeling the air swiftly leave her lungs. He leant closer, his lips inches from hers as she spoke. "Sam..." "I know..."

Her eyes met with his before she dropped them, the distance between them no longer existing. Sam ignored the final bit of restraint he had as he pressed his lips to hers delicately. Connie's eyes shut as she felt his lips on hers, a reminder of the hours they lost with one another when he first started working here.

She let her hands slip around his neck as he broke the kiss, staying close to her lips. Neither made an attempt to move before he kissed her again, this time something within Connie responding as she deepened it. There was no urgency or desperation to the kiss as they both took their time with the other.

When they finally broke apart, Sam rest his forehead to hers. "Stay with me?" He smirked letting his eyes fall to her. "You sure you want that?" A smile fell to her face as she bit the inside of her lip. "I wouldn't have asked otherwise- If you need to get home then-" "No... I'm in no rush to be anywhere that isn't here." Connie lifted her eyes to his once more as he kissed her with a little more passion this time.

Connie dropped her hands to meet with his, lacing her fingers with him as their lips finally parted. Walking back to the desk Sam pulled her to his chest, his arms wrapping around her waist. "Nu-uh..." "What- Sam-" She laughed as he leant over her picking up the files she was working from, his other arm still around her.

He pulled her back towards the sofa before sitting down with her tucked tightly into his side. He placed the folder across her lap as his arm went around her shoulders. Lifting her head to look at him a smile crossed her face before he kissed her temple, her head falling to his chest as she read through the documents before her.

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