Our Knott's Day was undeniably epic, Knott's had made some changes since the last time I'd been there. It seems like they've added a few more adult entertainment things randomly around the park to accommodate the parents, even with the food and hella new rides. It was too funny, people were looking at me crazy because I was the only girl with a group of guys.  But as far as I was concerned, we had grown to be like family. Christian and his brother Kendrick both treated there best friends as brothers, and they all treated me like a sister. So it was really just babe and I and our brothers. They all thought I was scared to get on the big rides, but they was shocked to see my short ass trying to be the first in line on every single one. My daddy didn't raise no punk, he was the one that took my younger sister and I to all the amusement parks. I remember when they first opened up superman at Six Flags and my dad dared me to get on in some many words. Its was as if he was always testing me growing up, and I would always surpass his expectations every time being that I considered myself a tomboy on the inside back then, now I'm a "tomboy chic" type of girl. I generally switch my style up based on my mood. And yesterday, you can say they got a little sneak peak.

But overall we had fun, lots of jokes, ate pinks and a funnel cake, all at babes expense. As it got dark, the park started to light up and we soaked up every moment. We snuck and stole kisses whenever nobody was looking, so we wouldn't have to make the guys uncomfortable. But they honestly, wouldn't mind as much each had a girlfriend or two and they have all said that they approved of our relationship and actually looked to us as goals because they had been there plenty of times when Christian and I weren't seeing eye to eye and how we had worked through them to further our relationship. So it was no secret that we had a connection, and bond threat seemed unfazed by outside issues. We kept our relationship mostly between the two of us. I wasn't the type of girl to be spilling all my tea to the next chick, hell I didn't have too many homegirls and definitely didn't have anyone that I would be willing to tell all my business too. And my best friend Jaylen well, we had been friends since our senior year but ever since we graduated we hadn't really spoken too often but every now and then we'd catch back up and it be like we never parted. And Christian says he doesn't tell the guys stuff because he doesn't want them in his business, but hey so far they have never offered any options or opinions so as far as everyone else were concerned we were the picture perfect couple.

After leaving Knott's we dropped off Kendrick and Jason we headed to my house, to drop me off. I was actually tired and normally I am a night owl but, I must've wore myself out. During the car ride we were both spaced out vibing to the music, occasionally singing or rapping along to the artist as the songs somehow had us lost in our own thoughts. Pulling up to the curb I slowly slid off my seatbelt and twisted my body a little so that I was facing him,
"Thank you for taking and paying for Knott's I had so much fun", I proclaimed reaching over to give him a hug. Yeaa well, you already know I got you, it was those niggas that should've been worried, he joked cracking a smile. See now the first part you were going somewhere and was about to receive a sweet reward but... I trailed off before placing my lips on his and kissing him the way I been wanting to all day. When he deepened the kiss,I had a sudden tingle sensation and I couldn't help but to return the favor by slipping a little tongue in between sucking on his bottom lip. This had turned into a headed make out session but I was proud of myself for still slightly remaining in my seat. I started to say something but then my phone went off interrupting our kiss. At first I wasn't going to answer it, interrupting my bae time but, it was my mom.
Hey mom, I asked wondering what she was doing up. Where you at?, she questioned concerned. I haven't seen my mom all weekend, when I'm home she's not. We have totally opposite schedules now. So every now and then she calls me to catch up. Actually I'm outside, just got back from Knott's, I giggled still high from the blunt I smoked on the way back earlier with the bros.  Ook, oh how nice, who paid for that?, she asked in a sadistic curious tone. It kind of rubbed me the wrong way, but I decided not to mention it. She is my mom after all , I'll just chuck it up as a loss because she's always been like that. I could never really tell if she was being rude or better yet sarcastic or not. But I can definitely say it didn't always seem genuine. But, yea my boyfriend paid for it, I proclaimed throwing a smile his way. The whole time I was on the phone he played with my fingers. Oh well, when did this happen,Who is he?, she asked bombarding me with questions. Nobody you know, I thought to myself. I could could already sense her negativity through the phone. I have been talking to him for a minute now and if you would like to meet him I can definitely speak to him and we can set something up, I continued putting the ball in her court since I knew he would have no problem with it and she was the one with the bad vibes. After a great silence she finally agreed, I turned to him with a half smirk.
So are you ready to meet the parents, because we might as well knock out both of my parents on the same day. Sure babe, whatever you want he said grabbing my chin. Gimme a kiss, so you can get in the house , I saw you trying to hide that yawn not too long ago, he said kissing me slow then deep before pecking me one last time. Call me when you make it back, I pleased knowing he was about to speeding to San Diego to get some sleep before his 7am shift in the am. Of course, he responded caressing my face. On that note I blew him a kiss and I hope out the car and headed in the house. I wasn't too excited for him to meet my mom. It's not for that normal daughter feeling like my parents wouldn't approve but more so, I never really had to introduce any of my boyfriends to her- and that's if I even had one. Most times I was single, the "homegirl", the "good" girl aka unapproachable as far as I was concerned. Until Christian came along, I've always dated someone I've known for years and they would already have met my mom. But I wasn't really worried about him meeting my mom it was my dad I was worried about. Looks like it's operation meet the parents, because you can't meet one without the other anyway. My stomach hurts just thinking about it, but hell we'll see.

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