LX- The Falls

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Sorry it's short, but prepare for drama in the next update☺️
"-I think I'll just stay at the house."

Indianna overheard the end of Olivia's sentence as she descended the stairs with Greyson by her side.

Janson frowned at Olivia. "Come," he said. "You'll have fun."

Olivia pursed her lips and shook her head.

"Olivia," Indianna called and smiled. "Come. I don't want to be the only girl."

Olivia glanced between Janson and Indianna and sighed. "I'll go get changed," she muttered and walked off.

"Thank you," Janson nodded. "Everyone's waiting in the cars," he said to Greyson.

"Let's go," Greyson said and grabbed Indianna's hand and led her outside. Two cars were waiting, one with Kal, Ace and Ian and the other with Oscar and some guys Indianna didn't know. Greyson and Indianna got into the car that Ian was driving and squeezed up next to Ace in the back.

"Here," Kal said and threw a bundle of towels behind him. They hit Greyson in the face and Indianna couldn't help but laugh.

"You think that's funny?" Greyson said slowly and Indianna smirked.

"Mildly," she said.

Greyson arched an eyebrow at Indianna. "You better watch your back, sugar."

"He's got his planning face on," Kal whispered rather loudly. He grinned at Indianna. "You seriously better watch out."


Ian stopped the car and everybody climbed out. The sound of water filled Indianna's ears and she frowned, looking around to only see trees.

"There's meant to be a waterfall here?" She asked as Greyson draped a couple of towels over his shoulder and took her hand.

"This way," he said and led the group towards the trees. Indianna glanced behind her to see Olivia getting out of the car with Oscar, Janson and two guys she didn't know. Her arms were crossed and she didn't look happy, but she didn't glare angrily at him.

The sound of water got louder as they made their way through the woods and Indianna gasped when she saw a glimpse of the waterfall through the trees. Greyson smiled and soon the trees thinned out to a large grassy area that was lit with sunlight. The waterfall was huge and the drop was far, but not so it was seriously dangerous to jump from.

Indianna gripped tighter onto Greyson as they neared the edge and she peeked over, her stomach churning at the drop.

*Scared?* Greyson teased and Indianna cried out in fright when Greyson nudged her forward. She seriously thought she was going to go tumbling towards the cold water at the bottom of the waterfall, but Greyson easily caught her and span her round, smirking when Indianna turned to glare at him.

"Don't do that!" She gasped and held her hand over her heart. "Jesus! You scared the life out of me, Greyson!"

"Did I take your breath away?" He smirked and Indianna hit his arm.

"That wasn't funny," she mumbled, but she couldn't help but smile slightly.

A loud scream made everyone turn to look at Kal as he neared the edge of the waterfall, being pushed by Ian.

"Ian, you little swine!" Kal shouted. "Don't you dare!"

Ian laughed and with one last shove Kal was sent over the edge and towards the water all the way at the bottom of the waterfall. He then took a run up and jumped over the edge.

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