Chapter 7

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Connie strolled into the department, her heels echoing around the entrance as she stepped into the lift. Fast approaching footsteps alerted her eyes up as Greg quickly jumped in between the doors. "Wouldn't be running late would we Mr Douglas?" She arched a brow as he smirked leaning back against the wall of the lift. "Course not Mrs Beauchamp... I've still got a solid ten minutes."

She nodded her head hiding the smirk as someone disappeared from the lift on another floor leaving the pair alone. As soon as the doors were closed once again he moved across the lift to her, his head dipping so their lips met desperately. Connie placed a hand to his cheek as his hands found their way into her hair.

He stepped backwards until her back pressed to the cold metal wall of the lift. A hand wandered beneath her coat, gradually swooping lower until it pressed against the warm flesh of her thigh. As they passed floor by floor, things grew heated until Connie separated from his lips. Their eyes met seeing the hunger within the other before the bell of the lift went alerting them to the doors that were about to open.

Connie ran a hand through her hair as Greg stepped back to stand beside her. She dropped her eyes to the floor as he smirked glancing to her from the corner of his eye. Several people moved inside the lift as they continued moving up through the hospital.

Greg brushed a hand against Connie's leg causing her to tense before he reached around to caress the back of her thigh before lifting his hand higher over her dress. Connie remained still, looking unfazed as he set her skin alight. As the door opened a final time for Darwin she stepped out of the lift first with him closely following her.

Connie made her way along the corridor without so much as a glance over her shoulder to the man she knew was following her. Making it to her office she pushed the door open moving inside as Greg caught the door heading inside too. With Elliot still away she knew the confines of her office would remain her own.

Walking to the desk she discarded her coat and bag spinning back to him now that he stood directly before her. She reached forwards, holding the edges of his jacket as she pulled him to her, their lips crashing together once again. He moved his hands to her hips holding her against him as he deepened the kiss.

He pushed her backwards until she was sat on the desk, his hands dropping to her thighs as he pushed them higher. Connie had her hands around his neck slowly slipping them down to his shoulders. Greg continued to push his hands higher beneath the tight black dress as he broke from her lips to place kisses against her neck.

She inhaled deeply as he bit down on her collar bone, her grip tightening on him as his hands brushed against the lace material beneath her dress. "Not here-" "Well are you going to stop me?" She watched as he refused to break their gaze, a knock at the door being the only thing to spring the pair apart.

Connie slipped off the desk smoothing the dress back down her thighs, Greg rubbing a thumb across his bottom lip as he stood straight. "Come in." Her eyes flickered to the door where Sam was standing glancing between the pair. "I was wandering if I could have a word." Connie moved her eyes to Greg who nodded with a brief smile. "I'll find you later Connie." She didn't answer but simply nodded as she wandered around to the other side of her desk.

Sam watched, waiting until the door was shut. He remained quiet for a moment noticing Connie take a seat behind her desk. "You took him back then?" Sighing she rolled her eyes to look up at him. "What I do in my life is none of your business Mr Strachan." "It's just you seemed pretty cosy just then, was I interrupting something?"

Connie released a heavy breath glaring up at him. "Is this what you came here to say?" Sam surrendered moving forwards as he held out the patient's file. "I came to talk about the surgery this afternoon." "What about it?" "It seems it's going to be more complex than we assumed. We got some more results back yesterday after you'd left." She read through them nodding as she mentally assessed their options.

"What did he say to get you into bed again then?" "Excuse me?" He shrugged with his hands in his pockets once again. "Well it's clear he has... I can't blame him, but I thought you'd have more sense than to let him do it again-" "This is none of your business." Sam scoffed watching her as she glared angrily at him.

Holding his hands up he shrugged. "Fine. Let him screw you over again-" "I can take care of myself Mr Strachan, I do not need you 'looking out for me'." Standing up she picked her bag up moving it to the floor beside her chair, her coat hanging up beside her. "Sorry for thinking you were worth more than this. Clearly I was wrong."

Stepping backwards out of the room he missed the fault in her movements as she froze thinking of what he'd said. Finally lifting her head she looked out of the window folding her arms against her chest. She remained there for a while before turning to the desk and picking up the patient notes heading into the department, her mind on her work once more.

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