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WE'VE BEEN walking for what seems like ages. The city is approx. 3 hours away except it feels more like 3 weeks. After taking a short break at a remote servo, we begin walking again.

"Wonder where all the other students are," Bray puts forth, murdering the last of his sanger.

"Possibly dead," Jace answers rather unsympathetically. "Or going where we are."

"Well, I wonder if our parents made it through," Carmen inputs.

Meanwhile, Ella and I are chatting behind the crew.

"Had a weird dream," I say.

"Define 'weird'," she frowns. "Considering...look around us."

"Right," I chuckle. "We were back at school. Jace was beginning to read in Bio and-"

"And the sirens went off..." she recalls, traumatised.

"No, that's the thing - it didn't. Jace finishes off and you were next in line to read."

"Huh, weird," she agrees, pensive.

"I was supposed to get your number after Health class," I cringe, why did I just say that?

"...Did you?"

"Uhh, that's when I woke up."

"Bummer," she pouts. "Would have been a great dream if you did."

Did she just... Wow.

Over the span of spending quality time together, Ella and I sorta became a thing. Her name is actually short for Elody, Elody Clear Irvine, now I find that really exotic. Her favourite colour is green, no emerald green. Apparently, 'they are 2 completely different colours!' Whatever you say, Ella.

A while ago, her brother, Jovian 'Joe' Irvine, passed in a horrific car crash. From then on, her life began falling apart. Her parents divorced and her dad barely talked to her. She blames herself for all of it. She was the one who convinced Joe to take her to that gig on the night that it happened.


"I never tell people stuff like this," Ella had said. "It just feels like...I don't know. I guess I feel like I'm burdening them."

"Sometimes you kinda have to tell people," I told her.

"You're the only person I've said this too," she said. "I just miss Joe so much, and my parents, their love for each other - it isn't there anymore and that's what scares me the most. To be the cause as to why they are like that."

She laid her head on me and her tears rolled onto my shirt. I assured her that it wasn't her fault. When a person says 'this is all my fault,' those are usually the cases when it never is...


She loathes hot weathers and bananas. Cake is her best friend; I have honestly not seen anyone talk that passionately about it. It's shocking. Shocking and cute. I cracked up when she said, 'oh and I'm allergic to coconuts'. Of all things, coconuts? I don't know, I just found this too amusing.

I think I'm falling in l-

"Hey, buildings up ahead!" Bray announces. "We're close!"

"Wait a minute," Jace squints, shielding the sun outta his eyes. "The fuck?"

"What?" Amber looks over his shoulder. "What is it?"

"Look," he puts his arm around her, pointing. "Below the buildings, right...there."

Amber gasps, turning away, "why can't we just get a bloody break?!"

"What the hell is it?" Carmen also squints into the horizon.

As we all do. Lurkers. Just like back at the school but this...this is double the amount. It is packed.

"No way..." Bray murmurs.

"How on earth are we going to get through that to the top of the buildings?" Amber asks alarmingly.

"Somehow. But we have to. We've lurkers behind and now in front of us," I tell her.

"We're fucking trapped though!" she exclaims.

"Don't you think I know that!?" I scowl.

"Guys!" Ella calls out. "Stop freaking out, we'll find a way."

Amber heaves.

"Hey, wow, calm down, okay?" Jace places his hands on her shoulders. "Ella's right, we'll find some way."

Okay, what's with them two?? Now it's getting weird.

"We're all going to die!" Carmen's squeals. "We're all literally going to die!"

I roll my eyes, exhaling, just shut the fuck up, Carmen.

"Carmen, relax," Ella consoles her. "We're not going to die."

"Mate," Bray leans into my ear, "is Jace and Amber-"

"Don't," I stop him in his tracks. It better not be what it seems like...

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