What's New To Know Part 67

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I don't know why the last few chapters haven't published with their Titles. But it's very annoying.

8th January 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Sarah's POV...

I still felt like I hadn't had any sleep for days. This jet lag was damn ridiculous and I think I'll have to pop into the clinic and get a check over when we get home.

At the moment, we were sitting in the family room after breakfast chatting while we waited for this Dorn chappie to arrive. We were talking about the things we discussed in Australia regarding Florence's background, her parentage and matters pertaining to staffing issues.

I was especially looking forward to finding out anything related to Jenkins and to Alice. They both sounded like someone I would like to know about.

We must have been on our second cuppa when there was a loud knock at the front door. Micah was quick to get up and open it and to our surprise, it wasn't Dorn who was standing there.

It was Matthew Thoms. Joy and John's youngest. Why am I not surprised?

Micah started laughing at the disgruntled younger man who was standing there glaring at him before pushing past him as he entered the house to drop the bag he was carrying along the side of the wall.

" Not funny, Nephew." Matthew snapped at Micah which should have surprised me before he stepped forward into the arms of his nephew's wife for a hug. Jill that is, who was laughing along with her husband.

" That's right. Daniel's kids are your nieces and nephews. How interesting. It would also make for a good conversation starter, don't you think Reid?" I asked him as we watched the others all laugh at the look on Matthew's face.

" Bella's not here by the way. She's at home." I said to him with a gentle smile.

" I figured that out. I had to come here first anyway. I have a parcel for you." Matthew muttered as he threw off his jacket and tossed it over the back of one of the lounges in the family room as he walked through the door.

" We were expecting Dorn and his men to turn up. Instead, we got you. Not that you aren't welcome of course." Jill went on to say with a smirk as she leant into Micah who walked up beside her wrapping one of his arms around her as he usually does.

" I know. I know. I know. Hell. that's a long flight. No wonder Nan is whipped out when she gets home." Matt was saying as he leant his head back against the lounge and closed his eyes for a minute.

" Don't fall asleep then. It will muck up you jet lag. Fight it until bedtime tonight." Micah went on to say to his younger uncle as he drew closer to stand near him.

" I need a coffee. " Matt muttered without opening his eyes.

" We're already on it. So get your backside up off that chair and come out to the kitchen and I'll give you a muffin to go along with that coffee." Jill went on to say to Matt which had him slowly opening his eyes and began sitting up straight .

" Muffins. You have some muffins available. I love muffins." He said in a pitiful sounding voice.

" Don't all you Joifield men? As well as the Stevenson men as well. You're all muffin mad. Just be grateful we keep a few in stock." Jill went on to say in a disgruntled voice.

" I don't suppose I should mention that Reid likes them too." I mentioned which only had Jill give a grunt as she turned to leave the room. 

With a smile at the men, I was quick to follow Jill and give her assistance where necessary in the kitchen as we waited for the others to arrive. Dorn and his people that is.

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