Chapter 25

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Jason's Pov

I sat here on the couch flipping through shows. It was late at night and everyone was pretty much asleep. I liked to stay up late. It don't know why but I just do. 

I flew around for a second to make sure everyone was asleep. Everyone looked like it. I walked back through the rooms and froze as I heard someone move. I turned to see it was Seto. I stood there and watched him tense up and roll over. He must be having a dream or something.

I walked back to the living room and took my helmet off. It was hot in here and the suit did not help. My extra heads flew out of little pockets in my suit. I made them so I wouldn't constantly have my heads flying around my head and scaring people. One flew up and landed on my head and the other rested on my shoulder.

I watched a purple glow appeared in the bedroom. It must have been Seto. I heard footsteps and saw Seto step out of the bedroom. He looked at me and smiled. "What are you doing up?" He asked while walking over to the other couch.

"I like to stay up late." I answered. "Did you have a nightmare or something that woke you up?"

"It wasn't a dream or a nightmare. It was a one of my ancestor's memories." He said. "Ever since I gained that staff I've been having visions and flashbacks, more often that I used to. Some of them are okay but others are just hell."

"Does Sky know about this?" I asked.

He nodded. "I told him earlier today."

"What memory was it that woke you up?" I asked.

"It was how he got that eye. You see sorcerer's are born either light or dark and can branch off into other magics like fire or water. It's safe to do that but if you try to switch from light to dark or dark to light it's very dangerous. It can kill you and most of the time it does. It started when my ancestor was little. His village was attacked by zombies and most of the people were killed. The zombies took him to the caster that sent them. He was a necromancer in a dark guild of sorcerers. They took him there and used a very dangerous spell to turn him dark. That eye was a side effect." Seto went on. "He then spent the next years killing assassins and kings that went after the guild. He did it because knew he couldn't leave just yet. There would be a time when the right person would come and help him. He waited years and eventually the Sky army attacked them. He didn't fight back, he surrendered as a prisoner. They threw him in the dungeons."

"If he was forced dark what kind of magic did he use? Was he a necromancer like the guy that captured him?" I asked.

"He used all kinds of magic. Necromancy, dark spells, potions that are now forbidden." Seto said. He pulled out the book. "All the spells he used are in here."

"How did he get out of the dungeons?" I asked.

"Sky came down and talked to him. Harvey told Sky about how the dark guild took him and raised him and how he was waiting for the right moment for the right person to come. That person was Sky. Sky let him out and took him under his wing. Eventually Harvey started making potions for Sky's soldiers to use in battle. Then Herobrine came." Seto told on. "After that the war between the two started."

"Sky just trusted him?" I questioned. "That's something you never do! You never trust an enemy!"

"Harvey didn't fight though." Seto said while turning to the tv. "He wasn't an enemy."

"Do you know how Sky meet True?" I asked.

"Childhood friends I guess." He said while turning back to me. "I haven't really learned anything about the others."

"I meet True through another battle." We turned to see Sky. We must have woken him up. "We attacked an enemy base and found him in the dungeons. We freed him and he joined my army and move up the ranks till he reached general. He lost his life at the end of the battle between Herobrine. His armor just didn't last long enough."

"How did Harvey fair again Herobrine?" Seto asked.

"Harvey did well." Sky said sitting down beside me. "He used hid necromancy magic to bring things to life. Trees, rocks, even Herobrine's own defeated zombies. He died by a creeper. He was so tired and low on mana he didn't sense the creeper coming."

"That's a bad way to go." I cringed. 

"Deadlox almost had his wings torn off. Now that is a bad way to go."

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